SA Weddings

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Why We Love Southern Weddings

When it comes to Southern weddings, feminine gentility is the name of the game. This can be seen simply through the theme, colour palette and finer wedding details but the most obvious point falls straight to the bridal party!


From the stunning silk floral robes to the vintage embroidered handkerchiefs, these Southern belles know how to treat their favourite friends. And speaking of their friends...

The Huge Bridal Party

America will always do it bigger and better. So it's usual for Southern weddings to bring together the kindergarden besties, sorority sisters, and even the cousins because these girls know how to keep a friend around! And if your nearest and dearest's are rolling into the double digits, why not just include everyone?

For Being Ultimate Foodies

There's no better cheat day than your wedding day and who wouldn't love a menu filled with carb-loaded mac-n-chesse, fried chicken and biscuits? No self-respecting Southern bride will ever serve her guests bite-sized portions of fine dining food. This a truly Southern celebration, so soul food is the only food!

The Bridal Preparations

Southern girls have mastered the bridal preparations with a long-standing tradition of the bride giving her hair, makeup and dress. all a test run in a bridal inspired shoot before the big day. Of course, having this done before your wedding saves you stress as well as some valuable time on your big day. Plus, you'll get to wear your favourite dress more than once!

Whole Weekend Weddings

We reckon America's mastered the weekend wedding! With activities and get-togethers aplenty, you've got so much more time to enjoy time together and catch up before the formal celebration!

Warm Weather Updates

For the ultimate 'life-hack' at a hot summer wedding setting, turn your programs into fans, hand out parasols as guests arrive or create a ceremony area where there's tons of dappled shade to keep you out of direct sunlight. So, brides-to-be, take a cue from these Southern Belles and make your own South African wedding even greater!

Following The Ettiquette

It may appear a little old-fashioned, but Southern brides really know how to write a good 'thank you' note! Good manners is a set of guidelines for treating those around you in the best way possible and we say this is a tradition to certainly stick too! It's never too difficult to say a quick 'thank you.'

The Groom's Treat

Why have just one cake when you can have two? You'll avoid all those fights over vanilla cream vs. chocolate fondant. These Southern belles know how to pick their battles, so they just take one of each! It's also a great surprise and spoil for your hubby-to-be, so why not let him have that cake dedicated to his favourite football team?

Causal Come Elegant

Southern Belles are style guru's- muted colour palettes, rustic details and vintage styling has been a standard in Southern weddings decades before the thriving popularity of the mason jar and burlap! So, we hope it'll come in handy as some inspiration to help you create the Southern-style wedding of your dreams!