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Why Personalised Gifts Make All The Difference

Wedding planning is not for the faint-hearted and if you can't find what you are looking for- your stress levels will most certainly be on the rise. If you're looking for some new gifting ideas for your wedding guests, we've got you covered for some reasons as to how personalised gifts can add a little special something extra.


Putting A Little Thought Into It

They say ‘it’s the thought that counts’ and that certainly rings true for personalised gifts. Personalising a gift shows that you have put thought and care into your choice. There are many ways to personalise gifts, Succulent Oasis shows us how they can engrave champagne glasses for your wedding- something that could be a great gift idea for your guests or even just for you and your groom.

Memorable Gifts

Most wedding gifts are easily forgotten but keepsake gifts that have been personalised can be treasured forever. We love the idea of a plant that doubles as a cost-saver when you feature it as your name card holder or for a thank you note. It's also a 'green' idea, so it gets a double vote from us!

Something For Everyone.

Let’s face it - it can be rather tricky to purchase wedding gifts or favours for guests that are not your age or gender. The easiest way to ensure you purchase a meaningful gift is to personalise it. It doesn't matter whether your guests are seven or seventy, they are sure to treasure it if it features their name or a quote that is special to them.

No One Else Has It

There is nothing worse than thinking you've bought the best gift ever - only to find that your guests already received it at a previous wedding. The way to avoid this drama is to chose a gift that is homemade or has an added DIY element to it. By ensuring the gift is truly unique, you're guaranteed smiles all round.

Next time you are hunting for the perfect wedding gift for your guests, think about how you can make it personal with Succulent Oasis. They know just how to help a bride who dreams of a wedding with a personal touch!


Succulent Oasis

Succulent Oasis

For a bride who dreams of a wedding with a personal touch, our wedding favors & centerpieces will be perfect.

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