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Why a Mobile Coffee Bar is a Must at Your Wedding

Whether summer or winter, we can all agree that there is nothing better than a perfect cup of coffee and with Magnificent Barista Boys, you can have just that on your big day! Your wedding day, as most already wed couples will agree, takes an intricate amount of time, planning, care and a whole lot of love to bring to life! Which makes it no surprise that when it does come to your special day you will not want the party to end after saying “I do”. What better way to keep your guests pumped and ready for a night full of festivities than with a delightful taste of the Magnificent Barista Boys delectable coffee.



Magnificent Barista Boys offers a unique and luxury service to your wedding that won’t easily be forgotten. Whether it is an addition to your summer or winter wedding, they are guaranteed to bring the vibe and energy to the celebration of the season. Not only that, a thoughtful addition of a coffee bar shows that you have considered every detail, a personal touch your guests sure won’t overlook. With expertly brewed café favourites, Magnificent Barista Boys is an invaluable addition to your wedding day - catering to coffee lovers, tea drinkers and even the little ones so that no one misses out. Not only does Magnificent Barista Boys provide a variety of beverages with their mobile bar but they also offer a range of equipment, luxury syrups, coffee and fine teas, so even after tying the knot you won’t miss out on their divine goods!


We at SA Weddings can vouch that Magnificent Barista Boys are just that Magnificent. We had the pleasure of having their mobile coffee bar at our legendary Bride of the Year 2020 event which proved to be a total crowd pleaser! Guests were queuing all night long which was no struggle for their professional and highly trained baristas. The wide variety seen on their menu meant that no one was left behind, so whether you felt like a fabulous hot chocolate or classic flat white, the team handled each order like a boss! Even if you’re not consuming any alcohol, the Barista Boys provide the chicest alternative to still enjoy yourself to the fullest. The mobile coffee cart which mind you is absolutely beautiful proved to be a favourite amongst our guests with many secret selfies being taken!
Not only are their beverages something to make your mouth water but their vibrant baristas and show-stopping mobile bar creates an environment in which your guests can mingle and break the ice with each sip. Enjoy seeing this talented team in action with your beverage being prepared right in front of you. Did somebody say front row seats to epic wedding entertainment?

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The Magnificent Barista Boys understand the importance of your day being unique to you and ensures that you are able to add your personal touch into every aspect of your magical day by offering the service of customisation. Ensure that there is a seamless string running through your wedding look and feel by taking advantage of the option to personalise your coffee sleeves, how cool?! Get ready to see some pretty epic snap shots because this screams insta-worthy!!


The Magnificent Barista Boys are nothing short of versatile and have set up shop at countless wedding venues. Be sure to chat to their friendly and helpful team who will answer any questions you may have with ease. Along with their mobile coffee bar services, The Magnificent Barista Boys also provide a delectable range of coffee products as an added bonus! These delightful products make for epic and memorable wedding favours as well as the perfect housewarming gift for the newlyweds!

With so many positives, the only thing that is left is for you to contact this epic team and book them for your next celebration! The Magnificent Barista Boys are sure to enhance both the atmosphere and aesthetic of your wedding, bringing people together and giving them the kick they need to make sure your special day is filled with lasting energy and memories!


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