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What's Your Wedding Style?

"Fashion is about dressing according to what's fashionable. Style is more about being yourself." - Oscar de la Renta


Are you looking for a wedding style? If yes, take a look at the ones we've listed below and let's pick one that feels most like you and your partner!

Vintage Vogue

The love of all things old-aged like detailed lace, embroidery and embellished wedding dresses. The dreams and ideas of whimsical decor that consists of rich fabrics and polaroid cameras. The wedding that has just a dash of history to it!

Rustic Romance

For the bride who loves her DIY projects, gorgeous distressed wood, second hand nick-nacks and flowers that are perfect in their imperfection! Fairy lights are also MUST-HAVE with boho inspired brides.

Cool Classics

You've dreamt of your fairytale wedding since you were a little girl - a church, a veil and crisp white linen polished with all the glamorous details.

Blushing Boho

You're a lover of flower crowns, lightweight dresses that will dance in the wind, stylish mismatched decor and that beautiful carefree atmosphere.

Cultured Casual

No-fuss, minimal planning, the outdoors, lawn games and gorgeous bright colours...

We hope you found the style you were looking for, but if not, take a look at our Inspiration Galleries!