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Week VS The Weekend Wedding

What's the best day of the week to have a wedding? It's no secret that Saturday's are generally the most popular day to say your I Do's, but whether you choose a Saturday wedding to accommodate out of town guests, or a midweek wedding to save costs, the final decision ultimately lies with you and your partner.

So, if you're still stuck and can't decide on a weekday vs weekend wedding, we're here to help you along the way.


Have you only been a guest to weddings on a Saturday? Don't stress if you have, it's not a rule that you have to abide by - no one will ever frown upon a Friday, Sunday or even Monday wedding! This is your day - and ultimately your choice.

Weekday Weddings

Is a weekday wedding too much of a hassle for guests? We say, do you! Weekday weddings are becoming more popular and it's something we absolutely adore - especially when it comes to popping open a few bottles of bubbly midweek!

Weekdays set the stage for a short, simple weddings; and we all know that simplicity often reigns supreme. Your costs will be significantly lower and your budget will often be more manageable. The greatest thing is that most of the days will be available for you to chose from!

We say YES to weekday weddings, however there are a few things to consider such as guests who will need to put in leave to attend your big day, out of town guests who need to factor in traveling and then of course, some guests may not want to stay out too late - this gets quite tricky when your wedding day vision is everyone dancing until the sun comes up.

So, to sum up the weekday wedding, we suggest you take this route if you intend having a relaxed lunchtime wedding with your nearest and dearest.

Weekend Weddings

If a full on bash is what you're after, a weekend wedding would most likely be your best best! With your wedding being on a weekend, you'll have a full day to pamper yourself and the whole of Sunday to soak up all the surrounding happiness (and unwrap gifts of course).

A Saturday wedding is great if you're having out of town guests as there will be sufficient time for traveling. Guests can also use the Sunday to explore the town a little more, spend time with other guests and recover from the festivities of the night before.

With that said, Saturday weddings are great (and very common), so you will end up paying the full fee for venues and other service providers as this is their most popular day to host weddings.

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