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Wedding Workout Tips!

Are you ready to have all eyes on you? We have done our research on how to tone up, slim down and get strong for the long walk down the aisle!



The quicker you can put your workout plan into effect- the better, especially if you're hoping to drop some pre-wedding weight. Don't fret, all you need is basic maths to figure out how much time it will take you to reach your goals. It's suggested that you kick start your training program six months before your wedding. But you do need to leave yourself some wiggle room, so don't go all crazy bridal fitness on us! You are 100% going to have some bad days - or weeks, and that's okay too!

Be Realistic

By setting a weight-loss goal you are kept motivated but be careful, when you aim too high, you can set yourself up for disappointment and major frustration. Not everyone can be a size 6 on their wedding day. Honestly, you have to realistically evaluate your ideal, healthy weight and once you know your goal is attainable, you can then put your mind and body to work.


You need to understand what it takes to maintain your fitness goals. Find an activity that you enjoy and that you'll want to stick to and remember- if you continue with what you have always done, you'll continue to get the results you've always gotten. So if you want to make more progress, push yourself to the limit each time.

Feed me, please?

The only way to get the most out of any exercise plan is to pair it with healthy eating. You can always lose weight through a diet alone but it can be horrendously difficult to lose body fat without exercising it off. It's simple- work to a eating plan; regular, healthy eating is essential to help speed up your metabolism so don't starve yourself to rid those last few pounds before your big day. Have a healthy approach and plan in advance!

Food Diary

Snapping a selfie regularly is a great way to track your progress. Remember that when you're exercising you're usually losing fat but adding muscle. Muscle takes up half the space of fat, but it's dense, which means the scale may indicate that you haven't lost much weight. Don't fret though! Ignore the scale, a selfie will show you the results you want to see. You are not going to be the bride that walks the aisle with her weight tattooed on her forehead. Be the best you can be and keep a food diary too, if you can see what your body is consuming you may be inclined to consume a little less.

Positivity Shines!

Think about it, will you ever have a better fitness motivation than your upcoming wedding day? Take this rare window of opportunity to be super-driven! There may never come a time in your life again where you'll be this motivated to get fit, for such a great put that drive of yours to good use and get going!

We say - aim for balance in everything you do and have fun while working on getting the bridal-body of you dreams. If it becomes a lifestyle, you're likely to 'live it' a lot more than a diet that's the current craze.

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