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Wedding Weekends, Anyone?

Exciting! You have finally settled on having a weekend wedding! You've decided to wow your guests with a whole three days of fun, but do you know where to start?


Maybe the panic is starting to settle in, wondering how and what you are going to do with all of your nearest and dearest? We have you covered! The basics of a weekend wedding usually revolve around a Friday night dinner, a lazy Saturday brunch, a little bit of Saturday fun, a short and sweet Saturday ceremony followed by a festive reception with a Sunday morning breakfast to follow. Does that sounds about right?

And the perfect way to welcome your guests would be...

A Delicious Arrival Drink

Whether your guests have travelled via train, plane or car- it's always nice to treat them to a cold beverage once they arrive (or a little hot toddy, depending on the weather) along with a few moments to freshen up. You could even leave a handwritten welcoming note in their rooms with a cold bottle of bubbles to cheers them on their arrival! A more creative idea that's a little more personal, is to have a personalised water bottle with your wedding date on it as a small momento or gift for your guests to refill over the weekend festivities!

A Slow Start Off

A low key and relaxing start to the weekend will be perfect for your guests, as some might be suffering from jet-lag. A laid back dinner or a cocktail hour will be the perfect start to ease everyone into holiday mode and entice more conversation. This is also the best time for all your loved ones to meet one another before a more formal event, like your ceremony. A fun way to break the ice is to play a wedding game, like 'how well do you know the bride and groom?' or something simply like a suggestion box for 'best date' for the couple's weekly night out. Anything that gets everyone chatting and mingling together, makes for a more fun wedding reception later on.

A Little Group Fun

A group activity is always a good idea as it gives your guests a chance to see the place they've travelled to. The main rule is to keep everyone entertained without making them feel overwhelmed! You chose your location for a reason, now it's time to show your guests why! Partake in an activity that will show off why you love your wedding spot. Include everyone, your friends and family should all be able to have fun whether they're joining in or just observing. It's ideal to choose an activity that is easy and won't leave anyone paranoid on the sidelines; we would suggest avoiding any wedding activities that would need a stunt double!

Allow For A Little Space

Yes, all your friends and family have come to see you step into that wedding bliss. But remember that it's also a little weekend getaway for them. So much sure you let the, get some downtime to hung out by the hotel pool or take a stroll down the beach by their lonesome. It would be best to leave the early afternoon open for guests to spend alone before the ceremony is set to begin.

End It Off With A Bang

We know saying goodbye isn't easy (it definitely isn't after a weekend long weeding!) but there are ways to make this goodbye extra special. Why not treat everyone to a breakfast in bed, there's nothing better than a few tasty pastries and a refreshing 'French press' to wake those bleary eyed friends and family of yours. A luxurious breakfast like this is a great final touch, and while you're at it- why not throw in a little aspirin and a Bloody Mary to smooth things over for those who really shone at the reception celebration!