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Wedding Registries: A Game-Changer For Newlyweds

Deciding on what you'd like for wedding gifts could be a pretty stressful and time consuming task! Luckily, there are some fabulous companies out there who are determined to simplify things for brides-to-be. One such company is Wrapistry, a fairly young and small company who is on a mission to make the ultimate wedding and gift shopping experience a breeze!


This fully interactive online wedding registry platform is radicalising the way wedding registries are managed. This exciting start-up with massive upscale potential quickly came onto the radar of ex-Dimension Data CEO, Brett Dawson, who has privately invested in the business through his newly launched business incubator platform - Campan, and will assist in advising and nurturing the team to develop and grow the business.

A primary concern facing couples compiling their wedding gift registries has always been the limitations of location or price – be that because they’ve traditionally been store specific, or restricted by location, sector or even price bracket. Wrapistry’s tech-savvy site goes above all that currently boasting more than 150 leading local and international brands, with 3 000 selected items to choose from.

“Our carefully curated categories allow you to find exactly what you’re looking for – and often we’ll wow you with something you’ll realise you simply must have – with prices to suit every budget. Are you an adventurer, entertainer or cook? A lover of Scandinavian style or more of a bold Bohemian? Whatever you desire, we’ve got you covered,” says Jed Shein, CEO of Wrapistry. You don’t even have to pick a physical gift. How about a safari, tandem paragliding or a cooking course for the lucky couple? And if you’d like cash for your honeymoon, well that’s an option, too. Because life is also about the personal touch, the team is standing by to help you choose items ideal for your lifestyle, and keep you updated when new products get added they think you'll love.

All disruptors know it’s the user experience, or UX, that is at the centre of the 4th industrial revolution and here Wrapistry again leads the way. It’s not only easy for anyone to create a registry, but the user-friendly design and the freedom of choice allow guests to quickly and easily peruse listed items, make a choice to suit their budget, pay online and write a personal gift message. What’s more, Wrapistry will deliver all the gifts after the event to a location of your choice. And they always provide you with a detailed list of exactly who gave you which gift, making your ‘thank-you’s” a pleasurable convenience.

Visit Wrapistry to discover how their advanced digital platform combined with an experienced team create the perfect synergy to provide you with a curated, stylish gift registry that’s the perfect starting point for your new life together.




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