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Wedding Disasters: Are They Fixable?

You’d be hard-pressed to find one wedding in the history of weddings that went off without a single mishap.


Whether the flower girl has a meltdown or the groomsmen oversleep before the ceremony, there’s always going to something, however big or small, that can throw you into a full blown panic. No need to worry are five common wedding day mishaps we see all the time- and how the pros tackle them to ensure a (seemingly) flawless wedding.

A Little Nip and Tuck

Disaster 1: You know the story—a broken zipper, loose buttons, snagged lace, torn veil, a snapped high heel and a slit in the wrong place (and that’s only one bridesmaid outfit).

Our fix: The SA Weddings Team advise having a professional seamstress or your handy Aunt on standby to make sure all runs smoothly on the day. A steamer and iron is a must-have for the wedding day wardrobe - you never know when these tools will come in handy!

A Little Travel Hiccup

Disaster 2: Oh no! Your wedding car is traveling to the wrong location. You're late. Are we sensing a 'Runaway Bride'?

Our fix: Place one of your girls in charge of knowing, planning and hashing out all that nitty gritty info like your exact route to the ceremony. Make sure it's your 'Bossy know-it-all' friend as she's bound to know it's important to review the travel and timing information with the driver when they arrive so that you get to the church on time.

A Little Disorganised Vendor

Disaster 3: Pre-drinks hits a rocky start when you’re left without a functioning band.

Our fix: In the anticipation of a full blown hissy fit, we recommend having a iTunes backup playlist! This way you can avoid that awkward silence with a little Santana or some romantic jazz while the band hunts down their instruments. This kind of thing happens on-site all the time, its become second nature to think on your feet.

A Little Bad Weather

Disaster 4: No matter how intricate your rain dance choreography is, you just can’t stop Mother Nature from doing her thing.

Our fix: Brides-to-be stress themselves out by constantly looking at WindGuru weather updates far too in advance. Ladies, you'll get your good weather forecast that fateful Monday on your wedding week. If you're having an outdoor wedding, it's best to come fully prepared. Pack in some large golf umbrellas if you see those grey clouds rolling in, always have a plan B ready to be actioned for bad weather and don't tempt fate as your guests comfort is paramount!

A Little Cake On The Floor

Disaster 5: When your wedding cake is resembling the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

Our fix: Watching your wedding cake fall to the ground can't be easy to witness but 'for better or worse', right? There is unfortuately nothing easy about fixing a cake disaster but sometimes you are able to save a few tiers and construct a beautiful plated dessert with the help of the venue's pastry chef. One thing to keep in mind (wherever your cake is on display) is to make sure your wedding cake and its base are stable. Think carefully about it's location for the night and move it around as little as possible! 'Prevention is better than the cure' for this wedding disaster!

Miracles do happen, and a few disasters can turn into beautiful weddings.