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Truly Gifted

With the festive season upon us and wedding season set to be particularly booming, we all have gifts on our mind. This list aims to help when it comes to the big question, to gift list or not to gift-list?


Most guests actually want to buy you a gift and having a registry makes life easier for them and puts you less at risk than having a hundred of the same kitchen appliances floating around your drawers.

Nowadays there are so many creative gift options that you also don’t have to opt to stick to the traditional wedding gift list, here a few of our top tips for getting it right:

Gift an activity or have the honeymoon fund

Gifting activities and experiences is a huge trend in gift-giving everywhere, weddings included. Having a honeymoon fund helps build excitement for all involved in your big day. There’s also the option of giving or contributing a weekend away or nights stay for the couple who aren’t going on an immediate honeymoon together. Don’t forget that clubbing in together with other wedding guests is also a great option to cover higher-value gifts and experiences that are a little out of your personal capacity.

The gift of love

If you're battling to decide what to buy, remember that wedding gifts should be a luxury item that the couple wouldn’t necessarily buy themselves. Think about them and what they love, and less about what they need.

Make it personal

Let your wedding gift reflect you and your personal style. Don’t let tradition dictate right vs wrong to you.

Heirloom gifts

If you can think of a gift that’ll last the lifespan of many years- amazing! What makes for a better story than using a gift twenty years down the line of marriage that reminds you of the people behind the present as well as your big day.

Prepare for all budgets

Include a range of different prices when you create your gift-registry, there are the rockafella’s and then there are the other fellas. Some people also opt to buy smaller and more than one gift for you as a couple and are looking for smaller-less-value items to buff up their special gift to you.

Choice, choice and more choice

People prefer to buy things they like themselves- some people are more traditional with wedding gift purchases and some will happily forget the toaster in exchange for a contribution to your honeymoon fund- so the tip here is to have plenty for your guests to choose from, which allows everyone to feel comfortable and means you’ll be left smiling long after you lay eyes on that present pile.

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