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Travel Destinations To Swoon Over

Some places on earth are so awe-inspiring, it's almost hard to believe they're actually real and not some scene manufactured in Hollywood. For couples consumed by wanderlust, we've found five travel destinations that you just have to see with your own eyes to actually believe!


Mendenhall Garden in Juneau, Alaska.

The 'Upside Down Forest' in Alaska is flung right out of a fairy tale with a little twist - one that only Tim Burton could think of. The gardens are so vast, yet there are these gorgeous Spruce and Hemlock trees that have been inverted and turned upside down that resemble beautiful 'flower towers'. Their tops are buried in the earth and their roots rise suspended in the air forming stunning beds of brilliantly bright blooms. Simply a sight you have to see!

Mu Cang Chai Rice Terraces, Vietnam.

A prime example of ultimate outdoor adventure inspiration is Mu Cang Chai. It's truly as if Mother Earth built her own open air amphitheater with a sweeping, lush view of the the areas deep valleys. We feel this is the perfect place to sit, read and contemplate the wonders of the world. With your loved one of course!

Hitachi Seaside Park, Japan.

We've always wondered what inspired Dr Seuss' tales of otherworldly lands and we think it's because of places like Hitachi Seaside Park. Especially because of the frothy balls of kocia spread across the grounds as far as anyone can see. With tulips, poppies and sunflowers mapping this outdoor wonderland - this definitely makes it a top visit for jaw-dropping Instagram pic's! Honeymoon hotlist anyone?

Atlantic Ocean Road, Norway.

Taking the scenic route has a whole new meaning when travelling the Atlantic Ocean Road. This jaw-droopingly beautiful stretch passes through various small islands and peninsulas and is a preserved cultural heritage site. This trip has been dubbed one of the best road trips to do and is one of Norway's biggest tourist attractions! We don't know about you, but our bags are already packed!

Pamukkale, Turkey.

This stunning southwestern Turkish city is home to mineral and hot springs that are world famous - they've also been visited since the ancient Greek-Roman times! With unsurpassable sunset and landscape views this certainly makes for a dreamy honeymoon destination.