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Top Tips! The Wedding album must-haves.

Your wedding photos are an eternal momento of your big day and the only way you can remember all the elements of your wedding celebration in the years to come. A few of the below photographs have been captured by Hendrik Steytler Photography, Pritti by Migneon Marais and Ruth du Toit Photography.


If you’re looking to add some fun to these shots and stray slightly away from the more traditional looks, it’s a great idea to scour all the sources for some added inspiration. Here are a few of our top tips for choosing a selection of essential shots that you’ll want to add to your must-capture list:

The Getting Ready Shots

We all need the ‘girls just wanna have’ fun moment captured and you should share the love with your bridesmaids as well as your groom on your big day. The same applies for the groomsmen bonding, of course! Ties and quirky socks and the 'last-cheers' are great ideas for photographs you must be sure to capture.

Bride Detailed Shots

It’s all in the detail… these little things are very important to us girls. So make sure those hair accessories, dress labels, personal notes from your bridesmaids and images of your dress detail are caught on camera too.

The Generation Shots

If you’re lucky enough to have all your family at the wedding, we love the idea of a 'three generations of marriage photograph'. Your ring, your mother’s and perhaps your gran’s too?

The Veil Shot

There’s no denying that using some flowing fabric and the golden hour of photography can mean mega success for that mantle-piece worthy pic! Have some fun with lighting and your veil for a little added romance to your close-up bridal shots.

The First Look

We’re talking about that awe-filled moment when your groom lays eyes on you. AND there better be tears. Jokes aside, the other 'first look' that's great to capture as a second shot option is the emotion-filled glance your parents may share. These will be moments to embed in your memory for life.

The Group Love Shot

Forget about trying to round up the troops and sort our height-order, just make sure everyone is having fun and your photographer is on hand to capture the more natural looking group wedding shots!

Photographs are about capturing memories. On your wedding day, you’ll have the family and friends you most love in the world all around you, so as long as your photographer is hand-picked by you and comes with a battery back-up- our best advice is to be yourself and allow all the love of this momentous celebration to shine through naturally into your wedding photographs.


Hendrik Steytler Photography

Hendrik Steytler Photography

Wedding photographer specializing in capturing timeless memories that will stand the test of time.

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