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Top Tips: How to save on Food and Drinks!


We're sharing a few of our top tips on saving your cash when it comes to catering and booze!

Seated or Not?

An easy way to cut costs on your menu is by having a buffet, but not all of us like that option. Twist it up a bit and have a canapé, bowl food style wedding. It will also cut your staffing costs.

It opens up much more time to boogie on the dance floor!

Nitty or the Gritty?

Cut staffing costs by eliminating labour intensive food like, sushi rolls as this is a super time-orientated food.

Pink or Blue?

Save hundreds by having a signature welcome drink for your guests. This gives you a chance to avoid serving beers and hard tack until the reception!

Toddlers or Tequlia!

If you're having children at your wedding, ask if you can get their meals at a discount or if there is a special kiddies menu that would cut down your food budget.

Late night munchie?

We love midnight snacks, but it can get quite pricey! A easy way to cut down on this cost would be to only order snacks for 70% of your wedding guests. As you know, some of your guests will leave early and some won't necessary feel like a late night snack.

We hope you got some insight from our top tips this week! Catering can be one of the biggest expenses of your special day!