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Top Tips For Choosing Your Wedding Photographer

We all know a picture is worth a thousand words and when it comes to your wedding day it is of paramount importance that you choose a wedding photographer that will capture your magical day in the best light. Read our our top tips on how to choose this all important service provider.


Consider the Image Style

Our best advice to you before you start researching photographers is to establish the style of image you would like. Choosing and agreeing on your wedding photography style will help streamline the process and help narrow down really great potentials for your big day. Spend time researching the kind of imagery you love. Look at bridal portrait styles, decor images, venue shots and more. Document what draws you to the image - is it the lighting, composition, emotion, colouring, angles? Some brides have a very clear idea of what they like, but it always helps to open up your mind to explore various avenues before agreeing to one or two finalised potentials. Once you have a clear idea of what you are both looking for, you can spend time researching and focusing on photographers who specialise in your preferred style.

Assess your Budget & Requirements

Photography packages vary on what you require for the day. Based on the level of expertise and offerings, the prices can differ quite drastically. Most photographers will have their photography packages and what they consist of on their unique web pages. If not, send a direct email through the contact form on SA Weddings to get in touch. Assess what your requirements are for the wedding day, number of shooting hours, if you would like an album, travel expenses and if a second shooter is part of the happenings of the day. If you are having a weekend wedding, the costs will differ as opposed to a one day celebration. We cannot stress enough how important it is to really do your homework on this one. If not, you may end up disappointed and unhappy with the package received and it may be too late in your planning to up your budget. Ideally, you want your wedding photographer to be there for your full wedding day. From when you start getting ready, to ceremony, pre-drinks and the fabulous reception. It usually advised to make sure you are covered for the entire day - rather have too many photos than too little.

Do your Homework

Ladies and gentleman, make sure you do your homework. You want to fully trust the creative that will be capturing your big day. Read reviews and feedback from other clients who made use of your potential photographers services. Is the feedback positive? If you see more bad than good, chances are that your experience may not be the best and it is advised that you continue your search. We always say, it is better to be safe than sorry!

Review Wedding Albums

Photographers will always put their prized shots on their websites, blogs and social platforms. Yes it is an amazing way to see their best work but in order to make a calculated decision, you may request to see a more comprehensive body of work before you make the decision to book. Doing this will help you get a well rounded overview of the photographers abilities, style and approach to weddings and celebrations. If you simply cannot choose a favourite because they are all so amazing then you’re on the right track. If you are seeing red flags, we would suggest that you continue your search. After all, you only want happy tears when viewing your wedding images. You may even get quite specific and request to see images taken at the same venue as yours - it is better to get a very accurate idea than nothing at all!

There you have it brides and grooms to be! Follow our easy and fool proof advice and make sure you book the wedding photographer of your dreams. We have such an amazing variety of photographers on site HERE that will capture your soiree in the most fabulous fashion! We cannot wait to see how beautifully your wedding day turned out to be.

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