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Top Rules for Choosing the Perfect Suit

When it comes to the all important task of choosing a bridal gown, care and attention is placed into every single detail until the finalised look is nothing short of perfect. Grooms-to-be, nothing is stopping you from doing the same for your suave and stylish wedding day look.


With so many options out there, wedding day attire for the groom has never been more exciting. With the 2018 season seeing guys opting for pops of colour and texture in their suit choice, we are literally beaming with excitement as we see what the 2019 season unfolds. But in order to really pull off the look properly and not have you regret your wedding images ten years time due to an ill fitting suit - follow these easy rules to make sure your look absolutely dashing on your big day.

The Fit

The fit of your wedding suit can either make or break your entire look. Guys it is so important to understand that every single suit needs tailoring and a few tweaks here and there to ensure it fits like a glove. Tailoring can be adjustments to the length of the trouser, straight through to the sleeve length and fit around arms and shoulders. Be sure to allocate wedding budget to this - we promise you, you wont regret it. But before we get to the tailoring, you will need to consider which type of fit you are going for.

This is the most common fit and many grooms opt for this suit style for their big day. This classic style (and crowd pleaser) allows for extra movement and comfort. In other words, you can bust out those killer dance moves without worrying that you'll bust out of your blazer.

This trendsetter style is perfect for grooms that are a little leaner. This stylish and fitted look is tailored to perfection and is ideal for the fashion conscious groom. Also known as the Italian fits, this style suit fits more closely to the body. It feels a little tighter than a regular fit suit and hugs the body perfectly.

By far the most expensive choice, bespoke suits have their own unique charm attached to it. Made to measure with a perfect fit, this is the best choice if you have a bigger budget to play with. With full control over the design elements of your creation, bespoke suits open up the option of working with specific materials and colours making it a dream experience for any groom.

What's Trending

Just like a bride that chooses a wedding gown, take time to see what is hot and happening in the world of suits. You will be surprised at the amazing looks, styles and options you can consider. Take time to study the fit of the suit, button options, lapel width, pocket style and more. Suit styles change with every year and season, so make sure to keep an eye out on the latest trends to be inspired by.

The last thing you want, is for your suit to look old fashioned and so five years ago! Take some time to have a look at industry leaders and see what you are drawn too. The 2019 season is favouring bold colours, double breasted blazers and skinnier lapels.

Fabric Choice

Yes this is a thing! With so many fabric choices available it may seem slightly overwhelming. Start with the season you are getting married in as well as location. If you are getting married in winter, it may be wise to opt for a lovely wool or tweed fabric to keep you warm and stylish.

For weddings taking place in the warmer months, opt for a lighter fabric that is not only lightweight but a breathable material too. With both of these fabrics available in an array of colours, you don't have to sacrifice style or comfort.


This is the key element to completing your wedding look and it is definitely one that should not be overlooked. Although you don't have as many options available as the bride, you certainly should include suit accessories to your list of priorities.

Whether you opt for a stunning tie and tie clip or lush bowtie, your suit accompaniments will truly make you stand out from the crowd. Ladies, gift your husband to be with a pair of cufflinks or matching pocket square. Either way, it will photograph beautifully and will ensure all eyes will be on the leading man of the moment.

With our top rules, your wedding suit look will be a showstopper. Browse our suit vendors on the directory and get the suit of your dreams at the touch of your finger tips! Good luck boys!




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