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Tips On How To Be The Best Groom

So boys, you've popped the question and now you get to sit back and relax until the big day, right? Wrong! Every bride needs a supportive partner who will help her make tough decisions relating to the wedding - whether that means choosing a colour scheme, marriage officiant or decor!

Read our article to find out how you can be the best and most supportive fiancé ever!


Manage your groomsmen

Your bride may be in charge of selecting the wedding colours or giving ideas on what your mates should wear on your wedding day, but it is up to you to manage your groomsmen and make sure they have all the items they need for the big day.

Take responsibility for your groomsmen even if this means going shopping with them to find the correct attire - your bride already has enough on her plate!

If you or your boys need a little inspiration, have a look at our Groom Inspiration styled shoot or our Grooms Suits Gallery and Grooms Accessories Gallery

Show interest

We know weddings aren't really your thing, but your bride has been dreaming about this day since forever! Show her how much you care and how much this day really means to you by showing interest in all her wedding talk. We know that it may sometimes feel as if the wedding is all she can talk about, but trust us, she will appreciate a supportive ear from her groom-to-be!

Have an opinion

Your bride needs more than someone who will just listen. Show interest by voicing your opinion on certain matters relating to the wedding. Our key piece of advice is to pick something that really interests you whether it be the drinks, music or wedding transport.

Trust us, your lady will appreciate it more than ever if you start researching wedding articles and contributing to the wedding planning.

Spoil her!

Weddings are pretty stressful and let's be honest, the bride is the one who takes on most of the stress! Show her how much you care and appreciate all her hard work by treating her to something special.

We recommend that you book her a spa day, take her out on a picnic date, buy her flowers or cook a delicious meal for lunch or dinner!

Be thoughtful

On the wedding day, every bride wants to receive a sentimental gift from her groom-to-be. Write her a letter expressing your feelings towards her and get one of the groomsmen or bridesmaids to deliver it to her while she's getting ready.

To accompany the letter, you could also add a bunch of her favourite blooms or perfume!

Plan the honeymoon

Surprise your beautiful bride with the honeymoon of her dreams! Take charge of all the planning and plan something extra special that will give you both memories to last a lifetime.

If you and your bride are planning your honeymoon together, make sure to add in a little something extra by surprising her with a special treat such as hot air ballooning or a sunrise hike topped with with a picnic depending on her interests.