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The Ultimate Grooming Guide for the Groom-on-the-Go

There’s a reason why our Top 12 grooms at the 2020 Bride of the Year Competition looked so dashing and positively glowing, so much so that their significant others couldn’t peel their eyes away. Their secret? Red Dane Men's Skincare. Ranging from high-premium skincare products to shaving and beard care, this proudly South African brand uses premium ingredients coupled with their revolutionary formulas for grooming, to keep your skin and beard in tip-top shape even when you are on-the-go. The majority of products are also Vegan, meaning healthy and safe ingredients for your skin and guilt-free application! Check out this ultimate grooming guide for grooms on-the-go that’s quick and easy to incorporate into your daily routine, even if you are new to skincare! With Red Dane Skincare, you can tend to your daily activities whilst their products perform magic on your skin!


Essential Face Wash

With its luxurious gel consistency and refreshing citrus scent to kickstart your day, this daily cleanser refreshes the skin whilst tackling clogged pores. Remove daily build-up of dirt, oil and skin impurities without drying out the skin. Best used in the morning and evening for normal, combination and oily skin to give you that deep-cleanse when you are short on time!

Restoring Eye Cream

Revive those bags under your eyes and any signs of a late night with this hydrating eye cream. Thanks to its squalene, hyaluronic acid and peptide content, this fast-acting cream will give the area under your eyes a much-needed boost of moisture. Not only will this restorative eye cream diminish the appearance of bags under the eyes, it is also an age-defying moisturiser that deeply penetrates the skin to target concerns around the eyes such as fine lines, dark circles and puffiness - talk about a winning formula!

Two-Phase Nourishing Oil

This versatile oil is the perfect addition to your skincare routine when you are on-the go. Functioning as both a face and beard oil, its light-weight formula melts into the skin for a deeper yet nourishing treatment that will keep your skin moisturised and rejuvenated on the daily. Not only will your skin both on your face and under your beard remain deeply nourished, this non-greasy oil also aids in restoring irritated and chapped skin whilst actively creating a barrier against the sun and pollution. Your beard will also thank you after applying this oil thanks to its borage and carrot seed as well as argan oil formula to stimulate hair growth and strengthen hair roots. A multi-functional product is the go-to when it comes to skincare for the man on-the-go!

Mattify Cream

Every skincare routine requires a moisturiser to protect and nourish the skin. The Red Dane Mattify Cream from their Africa Series is a light-weight cream that’s fast-absorbing to restore moisture to the skin and formulated with prebiotics and postbiotics to promote a healthy skin microbiome. It also has protective properties thanks to its natural African antioxidants to soothe and protect the skin from pollution, the sun, and blue light emitted from electronic devices. Whether you are spending the day outdoors or in the office, the Mattify Cream will ensure your skin is moisturised and protected at all times. Apply twice daily, post-cleansing or shave. This cream’s matte finish will also ensure no oily sheen on your wedding day, allowing for picture-perfect moments!

The Great Shaving Gel

If you need to fit a shave into your daily skincare routine, then we highly recommend The Great Shave Shaving Gel. Providing superior lubrication with its thick, gel consistency, your skin is protected from those pesky cuts, nicks as well as razor burns. This shaving gel also lifts and softens facial hair to ensure fast and effortless shaving - ideal for the man on-the-go. Its transparent appearance will ensure accurate glide action over your beard, leaving you with a smooth shave and soft, hydrated skin.

Signature Beard Elixir

GQ South Africa Grooming Award Winner 2021 | BEST BEARD OIL

We know the time and effort taken towards the care of your beard so it's only natural to be weary of what goes onto it. Luckily, you don't have to worry about Red Dane's Signature Beard Elixir which was the recipient of the GQ South Africa 2021 Grooming Award for Best Beard Oil. Ticking all the right boxes, the Signature Beard Elixir was developed with top barbers in Cape Town to ensure your beard is protected from heat styling, itchiness, dandruff, and hair breakage. Not only will it protect your beard but also promote optimal growth and manageability of frizzy textures. Just let a few drops of this silky, smooth elixir absorb into your beard for a mattified yet glossy finish that will be the envy of everyone at your next trip to the barber.

Moisture Boost Replenishing Serum

When you are out and about, it’s natural for your skin to lose moisture throughout the day but there’s no need to worry thanks to the Red Dane Moisture Boost Replenishing Serum. This 30ml bottle is the perfect companion for your car or satchel for you to grab when in need. Formulated with a fast-acting blend of African botanicals, vitamins and antioxidants, you can give your skin the ultimate moisture boost, wherever you are. This serum also helps to replenish your natural skin barrier to maintain protection from harmful elements whilst its nourishing formula will keep your skin smooth, soft and supple. Simply apply 3-8 drops of this magic in a bottle and let your skin do all the talking! Don’t worry, your secret to hydrated and rejuvenated skin all day is safe with us!

Energising Face Scrub

If your skin is needing a deeper cleanse but you’re short on time, then opt for the Red Dane Energising Face Scrub. This deliciously thick and creamy scrub provides gentle exfoliation to the skin thanks to its crushed apricot seeds that will remove oil, dead skin cells and impurities. With clean pores, your skin will appear rejuvenated, clean and polished. Don’t worry about losing essential moisture whilst using this scrub. It also contains Shea butter and Green Tea to ensure hydrated, nourished skin.

Tip: The energising face scrub can also be used as a pre-shave cleanser to exfoliate rough skin and soften tough facial hair whilst preventing the development of future ingrown hairs.

Rejuvenating Night Oil

Skincare doesn’t stop in the morning! Give your skin time to repair from daily elements with this luxurious anti-ageing night time facial serum that will do all the work whilst you enjoy your slumber. Replenishing the skin at a cellular level, your skin will restore to a soft, nourished and glowing state. The night oil also contains essential antioxidants that diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, resulting in supple and skin and a healthy glow.

Who says skincare has to be complicated!? With Red Dane Men’s Skincare range, your grooming needs are sorted thanks to their revolutionary products. The above grooming guide is perfect for grooms on-the-go as the entire range is fast-acting and formulated to target daily skin and beard concerns effortlessly and without the stress. Implement this routine, and your bride won’t be the only one glowing on your wedding day!