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The Story Of Wilderer Gin

SA Weddings and Wilderer pair up for a specialty cocktail surprise for Bride Of the Year 2016 Awards ceremony!

SA Weddings is proud to partner up with this proudly local, booming brand for a little something special for this years awards ceremony and gala event. All we can say for now is- the gin lovers attending our 'Bride Of The Year 2016' will be going home smiling.. in a big way!


… A brief history of gin

Introducing: Dutch courage and it's origins
In 17th century Holland, gin was first produced as medicine and sold by alchemists to relieve stomach ailments. As with most medicines, it tasted awful until the Dutch started to add some juniper berries, which too had medicinal properties of their own…
British soldiers were given this 'Dutch Courage' during their long campaigns which warmed them during cold nights. Back at home, the British were already tinkering with distillation but had little knowledge on how to reproduce this gin.
The quality wasn’t good. Nevertheless, the new drink became a firm favourite with the poor. Gin had been known as 'Mother's Milk' from the 1820s but later in the century got it's bad reputation as 'Mother's Ruin'.
As reforms took effect, the Gin production process became more refined. So gin evolved to become a delicate balance of subtle flavours, and began it's fast ascent into high society.
Wilderer was established by Master Distiller Helmut Wilderer in Stellenbosch in January 1995 and enjoys the distinction of being South Africa’s very first craft distillery.

Today Wilderer Distillery produces award-winning grappa, schnapps, liqueur and gin from two premises in the vicinity of Paarl – one in Simondium, another on the celebrated Spice Route Destination Farm.

Using only the best custom built equipment available, Wilderer Distillery has accrued over 60 international medals and awards and has truly become synonymous with quality, artistry and integrity. Master Distiller Helmut Wilderer, the father of South African craft spirits, personally hand selected 27 indigenous botanicals of which many belong to the Cape Fynbos Floral Kingdom. Flowers, berries, barks, peels, roots, stems and leaves ranging from rose petals to Renosterbos all come together in perfect harmony.

The process of perfection

Fresh ingredients and flowers are hand-picked from the estate’s gardens, while specialized Fynbos species and other herbs are sustainably harvested and include: the famous Buchu Betulina, which has been used as a traditional South African medicine for hundreds of years and provides a distinctive herbal aroma and taste. Wild Dagga's active ingredient: leonurine has been proven to improve myocardial function and is also used as a recreational remedy for high blood pressure and stress. Honeybush provides further depth and complex flavour to this full-bodied gin.

The finest quality South African spirits are derived from white wine through extensive fractional distillation resulting in a truly neutral and smooth base of unparalleled quality. Premium juniper berries are infused in order to provide the best aromatic platform which binds all 27 botanicals in stunning complexity. All botanicals are macerated in the alcoholic base before distillation to allow for optimal binding of the herbal aroma to the alcohol. Thereafter the botanicals are placed in a porous bag and suspended from the top of the kettle to allow for more effective vapor-path extraction of flavours.

Distillation takes place in Wilderer's state-of-the-art German custom- built craft distillery. Small batches. 40 liters at a time. Pretty special if you ask us?!

The raw product then undergoes a step-wise blending with pure Franschhoek mountain spring water to a final alcohol percentage of 45. Bottled and labelled by hand, each bottle undergoes a final inspection, before dispatching.

Try it for yourself!

Outstandingly smooth to the palate, this Fynbos gin boasts an array of unique herbs: The distinctive Buchu aroma and taste provides a pleasant and deep fresh herbal character. Wild Dagga and Honeybush adds to the underlying aroma that can only be described as walking through Fynbos fields of the Western Cape.

The Wilderer team refuses to compromise when it comes to the integrity of their product and every step in the process of creating their award-winning products is carefully monitored and completed with meticulous attention to detail.

Don't believe us? Try it for yourself! Why not make a day of it and visit their unique property to learn a little more about our favourite drink of choice!