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The Social Media Wedding Guide

Follow our top tips for finding the balance and getting the most out of social media at your wedding.


Incorporating social media into your wedding can be a fun and useful tool to communicate with your guests. It creates more buzz and excitement leading up to your big day and can help you capture all the small moments that your professional photographer might miss.
However, in the digital age we live in, social media can sometimes take over and detract from experiencing the special moments of real life. So how do you know when it’s too much?

1. Create a hashtag
This is the best way to get your guests posting tweets, Instagram photos and Facebook posts that you can find simply by searching a hashtag - people get really creative with them too.

Morgan Stewart, who married Brendan Fitzpatrick from the E! reality show ‘Rich Kids of Beverly Hills’ hired a team of creatives who came up with the hashtag #Fitzperfectly for their nuptials- cleverly combining the couples surname into part of a memorable hashtag.

Try this wedding hashtag generator if you’re struggling to come up with your own

• Tip: Don’t add symbols or dashes to your hashtag as this will cut it in half. Just use alphabetic characters and numbers.

2. Live Photo Feed
Use a live photo feed of social media images posted on Twitter / Instagram / Facebook under your hashtag to get your guests super involved.

Imagine the fun behind taking a beautiful picture, posting it on social media and then seeing it come up on the big screen for everyone to enjoy.

3. Put your phones away during the ceremony
Technology can sometimes be downright invasive and intrusive on special moments in your life. We’d count your wedding ceremony as one of those times when you can certainly ask guests to put their phones away.

Trust us, your professional photographer is going to do a much better job capturing your vows than your uncle, on his second generation smartphone in the 4th row.

4. Wedding Selfie Booth
Integrate social media seamlessly into your wedding with a high-tech photo-booth complete with touch screen and Wifi. Guests can immediately upload photos to social media and you can even have them post onto a specific profile or wedding page, so that all your photos are in one place!

5. For last minute changes
Use social media to reach everybody for any last minute changes – for example your ceremony venue changes because of the weather. Just make sure your Facebook beginners receive the info as well via text or phone call.

6. Take a selfie
Who knows how long the selfie is going to be around for, but while it’s still ‘in’, why not jump on the bandwagon and take a selfie in an unusual moment- like right after your vows with all your family and friends in the background. You’ll never have another opportunity like it.

7. Selfie Sticks
For the really tech-savvy couples who are expecting lots of ‘hashtagging’ at the wedding, why not get a bunch of selfie sticks and hand them out to every table. It will be an activity to keep your guests entertained and a fun way to document the wedding.

8. Tweet Song Requests
If you can get your DJ on-board with the idea, tell your guests to tweet their song requests to the DJ. It will keep them engaged in what’s going on during the night and probably get more people out onto the dance floor, too.

9. Live stream your wedding
Live streaming isn’t exactly new, but the ways in which you can live stream certainly are. Designate a tech-savvy family member or friend to live stream the entire wedding or ceremony straight from their phone or tablet.

This is a great way for those who couldn’t make the wedding to see everything from their own devices. Facebook has a great live streaming function now where people can comment and interact in real-time.

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