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The Perfect Proposal

It's the month of love and we can't think of a better time to pop the big question! If you need help planning this special moment, Pippa Lund from The Perfect Proposal has all the answers to your engagement questions!

We've managed to catch up with Pippa over a quick cuppa as she shares her knowledge on engagements and how they should be done. Enjoy!


What do you believe is the most important part of any wedding proposal?

The most important part of any wedding proposal is your partner! This is going to be the biggest moment in their life so far and you need to make sure that the proposal suits your partner. Ensure you do it in such a way that he/she would enjoy.

Would you recommend a photographer to capture the moments, or go straight ahead and ask a videographer to video the special moment?

This depends on the couple. If your partner loves photos, then get a photographer! The photos can be printed and hung up forever. A video is always a nice extra if you have the budget for a videographer. I personally suggest getting a photographer over a videographer.

Do you recommend surprising the bride-to-be with making sure her nearest and dearest are witnessing the special moment too?

Again, this depends on the couple. If your partner is very family orientated, then it could make for a very beautiful surprise. All in all, you should know if your partner would like it to be romantic with just the two of you or make it a public proposal.

Where do you suggest the proposal takes place?

South Africa gives us so many beautiful venues to choose from. We have stunning wine farms, loads of mountains, game reserves and even picture-perfect beaches. If your partner is more the glamourous type then setting up a proposal at a wine farm would be perfect. If he/she is more athletic and sporty then they might love one on top of a mountain. Venues differ depending on the couple’s personality and what they would enjoy most.

What do you suggest is the best time of day to propose?

Sunset makes for the best photos! However, a sunrise proposal could be amazing as well. This all depends on the venue or activity that the proposal includes. You can make anytime of the day work!

Are proposal speeches still in style, or has it toned down to simple words of love?

Most guys are so nervous and caught up in the moment that any speech they have rehearsed goes flying out the window when the time comes for him to propose. We suggest keeping it romantic, intimate and special, as it’s the best way for your partner to hear what you are saying. When your other half realises what is going on, they get just as nervous and probably won’t hear much anyway.

What is your opinion on asking the bride-to-be’s father for permission?

This is a big YES! If the bride to be is very close to her father and/or mother then this is a must do. It is a sign of respect to ask for the families blessing even if you know her parents love you. This will get them excited about the upcoming proposal!

Remember to tell them it’s a secret as we have heard of many incidents where the cat is let out the bag by mistake.

Is dropping to one knee still the main way to propose?

Dropping to one knee is the only way to propose. This is by far the most important unwritten rule about proposing.

All women dream about this moment and it really makes the proposal just that much more special. Don’t forget about how adorable it looks in photos!

How do you keep the perfect proposal secret?

Little white lies! We encourage the groom to be to cover up the proposal in any way he can. Come up with a cover story for the day, include family and friends in this regard, as long as they don’t let the secret out.

We created this company, The Perfect Proposal for this exact reason, we do all the work, and all our clients have to do is arrive on the day. The secret is safe with us ☺

Any other advice before getting down on one knee?

Enjoy the moment and don’t worry about the little things! All in all this is a very big day and it will be amazing no matter what. All your partner will care about at the end of the day is that you have put effort into planning something that suits his/her personality.

Anything else?

We suggest booking a manicure for her. She will want her nails looking fabulous to show off her new engagement ring. Ask her best friend or sister to take her so she won’t get suspicious. Another trick is going for a couple’s spa treatment and adding in a pedicure, but saying it was part of the package.

Need help planning the big day, please get in touch with The Perfect Proposal. We are here to assist from planning the surprise, creating unique ideas, sourcing venues, arranging deco, hiring of items, guidance and set-up on the day. The best moments in life are shared with loved ones - let us help you create those unforgettable memories.


The Perfect Proposal

The Perfect Proposal

Let The Perfect Proposal assist you on your special day to create the most romantic event for you and your partner!