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The Perfect MOH Speech

Is it just us, or does the best man typically claim the "best speech of the night", right? It tends to be the perfect mix of roasting the groom along with some heartfelt sentiments for the newlyweds but when it comes down to the MOH speech, it's usually on the safer side- a sweet script that leaves no space for hurt feelings. We feel the MOH speech doesn't always have to be this way and suggest having some fun with it, while stealing the show and still hitting all those heart-warming notes. So scroll down for a few of our tips on mastering your MOH speech!


Ditch Generic Praise

Too often maid of honour speeches devolve into a series of platitudes: "She's the best!" "She's so pretty!" "She's so funny!" and while all of this is true, this kind of generic praise doesn't have any heart. A guy you went on a date with the other night was "so funny"; your dog is "the best"; your obnoxious cousin is "so pretty." Use the toast as your moment to bring the bride to life. So, use stories to back up exactly how the bride embodies all of these qualities. This leads us to the next tip...

Become An Awesome Story Teller

The reasons there are stories dating back generations is because they still resonate in the present day. You don't remember numbers, platitudes or dull advice but those stories stick with us. They tend to breathe life into the bride and groom - they are filled with memories or love in that one small moment, so re-tell the perfect story and get your point across. Instead of saying that "Bianca is such an amazing friend! And she'd do anything for me!", try spin it around like this: "When Bianca and I were at university (hundreds of km apart, penniless too!) I had just flunked my final exam. I was absolutely devastated, I spent my days crying. But, Bianca whipped me back into shape, made me study harder, to prove to myself that I can do it all again. She got me through varisty, she helped me get to where I am today." Do you notice the difference and how it comes across much more genuine?

Remember This Isn't About You

We know that you and the bride are as thick as thieves and your stories are interwoven but remember that you're not the focal point here. Nobody wants to sit through an entire speech, where all you talk about is you. This is not your moment to shine, it's your best friends. You are simply the vehicle that takes the wedding guests on a journey on how the newlyweds are where they are today! Focus on the couple of the hour, always.

Keep Your Lips Sealed

We bet you have endless stories of the brides dating life. Probably all hysterical but also highly embarrassing. Think about whether you'd want your dad or gran knowing about all your dating horrors? We can honestly say that no one wants to be reminded of those bad moments, especially in front of their family, friends and their new partner in crime. So no matter how tempting this may be, just store those stories for your next girl's night out.

To The Bridal Couple

The most likely reason you are giving a speech, is the fact you've known the bride for a long time. You two are as close as sisters. Of everyone at the wedding, you have the most insight into just how much your best friend has grown with her groom. Your speech needs to highlight your bride long before she met her groom and then pivot to the role he has played in her life. To help you out a little further, your speech should always contain an introduction, body and conclusion. You could start of with "This is who my friend has always been", "Then she met her match" and "Now, I'm so glad they found each other."

Ultimately, your speech comes down to story-telling. It's a well-balanced toast to the bride, groom and all the goodness in years to come. Remember practice makes perfect, so make us proud!

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