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The Masterful Media Team Behind SA Weddings Couple of the Year 2022 Gala Event

The stage was set for a night of love and celebration, as SA Weddings hosted their prestigious Couple of the Year 2022 Gala Event at the beautiful Kleinevalleji Estate. It was an event abuzz with excitement as the dazzling chandeliers illuminated the opulent venue, guests dressed in their finest enjoying blissful bubbly and of course, the EPIC Couple of the Year 2022 crowning. However, behind the scenes and throughout the weekend, it was the media team that worked tirelessly to capture the magic through their lenses, taking in every heartfelt emotion and immortalizing this unforgettable event extravaganza.



At the helm of this extraordinary team was Duane Smith Photography, a name synonymous with artistry and excellence in the wedding photography industry. Duane Smith, known for his unique approach to storytelling and ability to make you feel at ease in front of the camera, embarked on a mission to encapsulate the essence of each couple's journey as well as every single detail of the event. His keen eye and attention to detail ensured that not a single moment was overlooked.
From the tender glances shared while the couples were interviewed by notorious radio presenter, Carl Wastie, to the candid laughter and epic dance moves that were displayed on the dance floor, Duane Smith Photography captured it all. The results were nothing short of breathtaking, as he skillfully transformed fleeting moments into cherished memories that we can look back on forever. Not to mention expertly showcasing the décor, entertainment and all the fun before the big event where our #SAWCOTY2022 finalists were treated like royalty at The Grande Roche Estate.


Complementing Duane's expert photography skills was the brilliant videographer, Tyler from Sage Media. With a reputation for cinematic excellence, Tyler took on the responsibility of documenting the event in all its glory. His expertise in storytelling through video meant that each film and highlight reel he produced was an epic tale of love, joy and of course, the event of the season!
Tyler's ability to artfully combine heartfelt moments, laughter, dancing and everything in between allowed him to create films that evoked the unparalleled celebration and sense of excitement felt by all. Whether it was the fabulous Friday Night Dinner and Saturday morning fun, or the Top 10 couples taking over the stage and the epic dance moves displayed on the dance floor, Tyler's videos preserved the event's euphoric atmosphere, allowing anyone who watches them to be transported back to that magical weekend.

Together, Duane Smith Photography and Sage Media formed an unstoppable media duo, perfectly complementing each other's talents and pushing the boundaries of their craft as well as effortlessly fitting in with the SAWCY Girls. They both have an uncanny ability of ensuring everyone felt at ease in front of the camera, always ready for a good laugh and even letting Carl Wastie have a turn being behind the lense!

They seamlessly navigated the events throughout the weekend, understanding of the #SAWCOTY2022 vision and capturing all the unforgettable moments from every angle. Their dedication was evident not only over the weekend itself but also in the countless hours they have spent in post-production. Duane and Tyler painstakingly curated and edited the photos and videos, ensuring that each image and film was a work of art. They embodied the spirit of the legendary SA Weddings event, allowing us to share all the magic and relive this year’s event over and over again!


Duane Smith Photography

Duane Smith Photography

“I’m so moved with how each wedding has its own heartbeat , and I get to be part of that beat”

Sage Media

Sage Media

We use a cinematic approach to capture the beauty of the venue, intimate moments and love shared between each couple.