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The Guide To Buying An Engagement Ring

Engagement ring shopping isn't the secretive process it once was. More than ever before, couples are breaking tradition and talking about, and even purchasing, engagement rings together.


Nowadays, many brides are involved in the process of selecting their very own dream ring! And of course, we all drop a few hints to our significant others about our ring preferences. It's a very special experience for couples to pick their rings together but how does finding an engagement ring work? If it all feels a bit overwhelming, don't stress - here's our guide to ring buying 101!

Find a Jeweller

Start your jeweller hunt with SA Weddings, we have many amazingly talented jewellery designers on our website. It's also a good idea to keep in mind your chosen jeweller's return policy, for in case you want to exchange the stone or change your mind, these things do happen. Go and browse our 'I do Jewellery' page - as a magnificent starting point!

What are the 4 C's?

Diamonds are a girl's best friend, but they certainly burn a hole in your gentleman's pocket. So it's good to know exactly what you're paying for - remember the 4 C's: the cut, carat, colour and clarity of the stone. You need to know and understand what makes a flawless diamond more valuable than a included one.

What is Platinum & Palladium?

Nothing is ever created equal, that includes metals. Whether you're opting for a lovely classic platinum or a fancy retro gold, you better know how your chosen metal will affect your ring's durability and aesthetic. For those who don't know, 'platinum' is a precious silvery white metal and 'palladium' is a chemical element and also resembles platinum with its rare silvery white colour.

Have You Explored Different Settings?

The design of your ring is an important factor to discuss. The frame around the centre stone can determine the style of the ring and there are so many options out there for you to chose from. There's prong, solitaire, tiffany, bezel, tension and channel settings, so do your research and choose wisely.

Pick Your Persona!

Defining your style can help narrow down your options. Once you know the type of ring, setting and stone you are looking for, you can start gathering some inspiration. Figure out if you're a classic bride or a rule breaker? If you secretly do wish for your ring to be a surprise, it won't hurt to gently nudge your hubby-to-be in the right direction. Trust us, he will thank you in the long run.

Do I Go Custom?

Have you found the ring you've dreamt of but you have a few tiny details you want to change, like the setting or design? That's totally possible. Keep in mind though, that you might be breaking the bank for your custom ring as they are typically pricier than your 'off the rack' rings.

The Budget

Toss that two-month salary myth straight out the window! You should buy your dream ring, without digging deep into debt. If size is an consequential thing to you, opt to find a ring that has a large surface area or table but if you are all about sparkle and you can't bare sacrificing the look of your stone, buying just shy of the next carat (1.8 instead of 2) can equal a savings of almost 20%.

Six Weeks, Tops!

A ring can take up to six weeks to arrive on your doorstep. It can even take a little longer if you're custom designing it. Remember that if you wish to engrave your ring, be sure to request the inscription when you place your order. Don't fret about the waiting time, once that rock is on your finger- you'll be the happiest bride-to-be for ever after!


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