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The First Dance

Can you recall the last time you danced with your hubby-to-be, formally? We think not. We all know that you're going to want to avoid that awkward High School sway on your wedding day so think long and hard about your first dance but if you don't have those few extra hundreds to spend on dance lessons, check out these six easy steps to master from the SA Weddings team!


1. Song Selection

First things first, your special song needs to be 'danceable' and the lyrics need to be a appropriate for the occasion. Your song needs to have a strong beat that isn't too fast or too slow and it must never be long. To keep it sweet and memorable, settle for a 2-3 minute song. Don't forget to make sure that your band or DJ have the correct version of your chosen song, otherwise you might find yourself with two left feet.

2. Dance Position

To achieve that perfect polished look, a proper dance position is a must! This will allow you to lead and follow your soon-to-be hubby flawlessly. Your hubby will place his right hand behind your left shoulder blade, but make sure your right elbow is up and pointed to your right. Your wifely duty is now to wrap your left arm around your hubby and squeeze his bicep! From here, you both can bring your remaining hands together and dance the night away.

3. The Basic Box Step

The box step is the most versatile move since you can dance it to almost any song imaginable. You're simply creating a square with your feet. You begin with your left foot in a forward-side-together and then a backwards-side-together movement. Each step taken is with a full weight transfer. And the rhythm is usually '1-2-3, 4-5-6' in the waltz fashion.

4. The Entrance

With everyones' eyes on you, you definitely need a polished entrance. If your entrance is on point, it will fill you with confidence to dance perfectly and set the tone for the rest of your guests.

5. The Twirl

Once you have mastered the box step, ask your hubby to twirl you around the dance floor and you're guaranteed to feel like the belle of your ball!

6. The Dip

It's not a first dance without a dip! Your photographer will also be able to capture the magic of the intimate moment between the two of you.

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