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The Dessert We All Love - Aimee Lloyd Macarons!

'Aimee Lloyd Macaroon' resembles everything we love about the beauty and the traditions of the French macaron. Trained in Paris, she does slip in a few modern twists with tasty flavour combinations to keep us coming back for more and with her flavours ranging from scrumptious salted butter caramel to Belgian chocolate and raspberry ganche- there's literally a macaron for everyone!

Other than eating these bite-sized gifts from above, we also love the idea of Macarons as your featured guest favour or instead of a wedding dessert. If you're looking for something different and to brush up on your own skills- why not try her hands-on macaron class for your hen's party?

Aimee Lloyd Macarons is the Beyoncé of all desserts and we can't wait to see her work at our Bride of the Year 2016 event!


The Story Behind The Dainty Deliciousness..

Aimee Fowler had been baking cakes and pastries for restaurants and corporate clients for a few years but she couldn’t get her hands on any authentic macarons in Johannesburg, nor could she find anyone to teach her. So she packed her bags and headed to Paris to learn the incredible art of making macarons and was very fortunate to train under an ex-Laduree chef. Since Paris, Aimee has been making macarons for two years now, and this passion is now what she focuses on in entireity.

Aimee uses the very best ingredients possible, from imported Belgian Chocolate to fresh fruits and extracts- there's no doubting that she is living her passion and absolutely LOVES what she does! Aimee spends a lot of time on her menus, which change seasonally, in order to make use of the very best ingredients available for her brand. She is fortunate enough to be able to supply many brides with their dream macaron wedding cakes, and has even gone on to do their baby showers and birthday events too. Each order is treated with the same love and care and none are too big nor too small. Aimee Fowler's also offers fabulous macaron making classes which make for the ultimate bridesmaids bonding before your big day!

Top Tips From The Macaron Master!

1. How to personalise your wedding macarons?

"We customise our macarons entirely to suit our brides requirements. We closely co-ordinate the colours of the macarons to pull in the colour scheme of the wedding, flowers etc… occasionally, we also add embellishments such as a calligraphy font or even hand-painted pictures, as well as pearl details around the sides of the macarons to name a few extras. We also work with the best flavours to suit the couples personal tastes and colour scheme- sometimes even creating a unique flavour for our beautiful brides. Each event is uniquely special and I have such fun working with each and every bride to realise her perfect wedding day macarons."

2. What are your favourite flavour combinations you've used and why?

"I have quite an adventurous palette myself so when it comes to flavours of my macarons, I always include a few of the more popular 'favourites' on the menu, however, I also like to add a few unusual ones for those of us who tend to shy away from the normal. I actually love every flavour I make - if I don’t obsess about eating it again, it doesn’t go on my menu! Some of my favourite combinations have been a Nougat and Honey Buttercream; a Belgian White Chocolate, Lime and Coconut Ganache is refreshing and very on-trend; and then we had a Dark Chocolate and Orange Marmalade Ganache which was very decadent and popular with the men. Our best seller has to be my secret recipe for Whipped Salted Butter Caramel, which uses imported Maldon salt flakes."

3. The most important fact about macarons at your wedding?

"Macarons are quite versatile which is why they are a great option for weddings. They are elegant and offer a sophisticated, bite-size option to your guests who perhaps don’t want to eat an entire slice of cake. A few things to note about them; they have either a chocolate ganache or a buttercream filling, which means that you can’t leave them standing for hours in the sun - they will melt. We suggest setting them up around 3 hours before your guests are going to eat them. They also soften up much quicker in rainy weather, so the best way to store them is in their box in a cool, dark place before the wedding. They keep perfectly for about 1 week, but you won’t need to worry about this after your wedding celebration, as leftovers are non-existent"


Aimee Lloyd Macarons

Aimee Lloyd Macarons

Decadent. Delicious. Sophisticated. Beautiful. Our macarons are to die for!

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