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The Best Dressed Bridesmaids!

"A friend is one that knows you as you are, understands where you have been, accepts what you have become and still, gently allows you to grow." - William Shakespeare


Bridesmaids are an essential part of your wedding day; they will keep you calm, keep you from smudging your makeup and they'll help you lift your Cinderella dress when you need the ladies room!

This is why we believe it's IMPORTANT to make sure that they are equally as comfortable and pretty in their dresses as you are! Don't go bridezilla on your bridesmaids and make them feel frumpy and undesirable just because you want to shine...

Be a beautiful, bubbly bride-to-be who adores her bridesmaids. Spend a weekend together browsing designer shops, have boozy brunches and exotic facials. Chat about what colours and styles your girls love and start hashing out your plans from there. You might find that you can settle on one colour, but have each bridesmaids in a different style.

These moments of chatting and brainstorming will make your bridesmaids feel like their opinions are even more important to you because you're sharing your wedding with them!

Pastels, bold prints, neutrals and brights are all amazing options to consider for your bridesmaids dresses - it just depends on the season your wedding date falls in! The same goes for the style of the dresses you choose.

A warm burgundy dress is perfect for an Autumn wedding, a slim, ling sleeve black dress is stunning for a colder Winter wedding and a short, shimmery gold number would look incredible at a Summer wedding. You can do so much when it comes to bridesmaids dresses.

If your have a bridesmaid that's on the skinny side - a long, high neck dress would be ideal. If your bridesmaid is curvy, having a dress fit her figure and all her beautiful curves would make her feel like you have her best interests at heart.

Take the time to talk to your bridesmaids, figure out what they like and take all their features into account. Trust us, you'll be their favourite bride-to-be for many days to come!


Jacoba Clothing

Jacoba Clothing

At Jacoba, we make getting your bridal party dresses super easy.

White Runway

White Runway

White runway offers the largest and most on-trend selection of Ready-to-Wear and Custom Made gowns to suit any woman.

Valencia Harrison Designs

Valencia Harrison Designs

Wedding dress designer / stylist based in Cape Town, South Africa. We do custom design and manufacturing of bridal gowns and entourage attire.

Infinity Dress Boutique

Infinity Dress Boutique

The Original Infinity Dress can be worn 27 different ways, making it the perfect bridesmaid dress for all figures!

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