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Summer Bridal Hairstyle Inspiration!

"If your hair is done and you're wearing good shoes you can get away with anything." - Iris Apel


With summer almost upon us, we wanted to give our summer brides inspiration for the best hairstyles to conquer our country's heat! We definitely want to avoid, sweaty necks and hairstyles that require much maintenance (are we right?!)

So for our first lot of photographs, we thought soft up-do's (and a few loose styles) would be perfect on a scorching afternoon!

The second lot of photographs we've brought to you is one of our favourite styles - a low bun. A low bun is graceful, effortless and will no doubt leave you feeling cool and fresh throughout your big day! The best part is there are so many variations of a low bun from, adding a jewellery accent, floral piece or even leaving it a bit messy. They're all fabulous for the summertime!

Thirdly, we've got a few different looks from up-do's to ponytails and half up-do's! All are wonderful and can make any bride look gorgeous. If you're more relaxed and you're just looking for a simple style, a plain ponytail can do the trick. A braided half up-do is also beautiful and can make a summertime bride feel like a mermaid princess.

We hope you received a few idea's from us today and that you'll consider a summertime hairstyle - you don't want to be seen fixing your hair every two seconds ;)

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