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So, What Should Your Bridesmaids Pay For

We all dislike money talk and asking your bridesmaids to pay for certain things can make you feel awkward and uneasy. But they are your friends and they'll support you even when your expectations don't always line up and we say: 'Honesty is the best policy!'


Be honest about what you're expecting from your bridal tribe, be upfront about the costs involved with being a bridesmaid and see where you are able to compromise. If you're gracious and understanding about the situation, your girls will follow suit.

So, here's our list of what your bridesmaids should be covering and what would be for your expense!

The Wedding Ensemble

The bridesmaid dresses are your baby. We feel that you've asked your girls to be part of your special day and you cannot expect them to fork out thousands of rands on a dress they may not wear again.

Hair & Makeup

If you are wanting your bridesmaid to look picture-perfect with their hair and makeup done professionally, then we feel that the cost falls to you. It can get a little tricky if you have 10 girls standing by your side as you say your vows, so choose wisely and budget this in from the start!


Whether your girls are sporting bouquets, corsages or flower crowns - all the floral costs belong to the bride and her family. It's a tradition that has been around for decades and we think it's only fair!

Wedding Transport

When it comes to coordinating and covering the day-of-the-wedding shenanigans, the bride and her family are again responsible for the transportation costs to and from the venue, the ceremony and the reception. Your bridesmaids should never have to worry about this one.

Let them save the Uber account for the hens party spoils!

What's Not Covered

The Bridal Shower

This all boils down to who's hosting your shower. If your MOH and bridesmaids are, then the costs fall to them but, if your mum is hosting or even co-hosting, a portion of the costs and responsibilities should ideally be spilt. The decor and activities could fall to your girls and the food and beverages will then be tasked to your mum!

The Bachelorette Party

This is all up to your girls - they are in charge of your last night of single fun. This includes decor, activities, snacks, transport and all the shots you could possibly imagine!

The Wedding Gift

Think of the time, money and effort your bridesmaids have gone through for you. Don't be shocked or heartbroken if they don't get you a wedding present -they've covered a lot by being your nearest and dearest during this amazing life-stage change. If they are set on getting you a gift, perhaps suggest that they purchase one altogether- more bang for their buck!

The Shoes

You're covering the dress, we feel that when it comes down to the shoes, you can ask your girls to cover that cost, unless, you're wanting them to don a pair of designer heels, of course.

Because they'll most likely be wearing these heels again, we suggest you be quite realistic and let them choose something quite neutral and affordable - something they can definitely make use of again in the near future and for years to come.

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