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So I'm Married, Now What?

You finally got through all that wedding planning and although the honeymoon may be over and you're back to reality; the excitement of life together as a married couple has only just begun...


It's okay to have a little panic attack. Being married is awesome but it can also sometimes feel like the day after Christmas- you've spent all this time planning and hashing out details,budgets and blooms and then in the blink of an eye - everything is done. You've had the big ceremony, the big party and then when your honeymoon spoils sadly come to an end, it's only natural to feel a little blue with it all behind you.

The Post-Wedding To-Do List

While the big-day planning may be over, the first few weeks after you've gotten married are often as jam-packed as they were just before your wedding. Here are a few things to add to that never-ending 'to do' list that will help beat the post-wedding blues:

The Dress

While putting your dress back in its box or on a hanger in your closet, there are other ways to make sure your dress is preserved. You'll find that most wedding dress designers and studios have a cleaning service, offering a 'pressing and preserving' service for your dress after the big day. So make that appointment- your dress is now an important heirloom, and who knows- maybe someday it'll be worn by your daughter or granddaughter, so take the time and effort to preserve it properly!

The Thank You's

Be honest, there's probably a big pile of presents sitting somewhere in your house waiting to be put away, right? but remember with the spoils comes those necessary 'Thank You' cards for each one of those gifts. Hopefully, you've kept track of who's who and what's what while you opened them. So now it's time to sit down and write those personalised notes, they needn't be lengthly but sending them to your nearest and dearest will make all the differnece! Make sure to mention the specific gift in the note. Although it can feel like an overwhelming task, we suggest you get them out of the way now before you've left it too late!

Making It Legal

If you've chosen to change your last name, now is the time to get to work making sure that name-change is legal. It doesn't have to be complicated; there are tools that you can use to help make it easier via an online service.

The Money Stuff

We all hate money-talk but once you're married- the good news is that you're gifted with more options on your taxes! It's time to make decisions; for example- are you going to be the couple filing jointly or separately for your tax returns, are you planning to join your bank accounts, how are you going to pay for things, have you thought about retirement? You'll need to sit down and discuss, at length, all the practical aspects of your joint life together, including the money issues of course!

Your Photographs

We all know about the much-anticipated wait for wedding photographs and this can take up to 8 weeks! Once received, it's time to sit down with your hubby and go through them all. Pick out the photos you'd like to frame and display around your home. You can even choose one of your favourite options to send out with your 'thank you' notes. Spending time looking through your photos together allows you to relive the beautiful memories of your big day and also catch the moments you missed.

Post Wedding Party

Why not have a last minute shindig with your close friends? It allows you some extra time together that you might have missed on your wedding day. This can be the casual celebration, we love the idea of making it a potluck so that all you have to do is provide the venue and means you won't be slaving over the stove all day post-honeymoon!

So, the last 'Thank You' card has been sent out, you've received all your wedding photographs and displayed them proudly in your new home and that perfectly-preserved white dress has now been hung away....

And now? Now that you've gotten here?
Now, the fun of being married can really begin!