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Signature Wedding Cocktails

Who doesn’t love a summer wedding with a delicious signature cocktail for the perfect post-nuptial toast to love, peace, and happiness?


More and more frequently, couples are choosing to create a signature cocktail for their wedding. When we asked where you stood, most of you said you loved the idea. We do too, so here are some standout ways to create one for the books!

Pink Lemonade

Every girl loves a pink drink! So it doesn't get much better than pink gin with a sneaky cheeky jello shot to go with it - just the way to kick off a summer wedding.

Fizzy Spiked Pear Punch

With December around the corner, we admit that the SA Weddings team is swiftly shifting into holiday-mode. What better way to kick off the festive season than with a fizzy spiked pear punch! It's the perfect drink with its irresistible pear flavour and is bound to make your Christmas wedding, simply yum!

Prosecco Perfection

Who doesn't dream of drinking Champagne day in and day out? Sadly, those kind of habits don't come cheap. If fizz is your thing, like it is ours, just fix yourself up with Prosecco based cocktail instead. Don't scoff just yet, it's far more versatile than you think. It pairs perfectly with many different spirits and flavours from yummy mojitos to watermelon infused summer treats for the ultimate wedding cocktail selection.

Italian Blackberry Bramble

This new non-alcoholic cocktail tastes fantastic, and as you can see it celebrates all that's pretty too! The blackberry bramble is anything but boring and although it has a delightful tang, you can easily make it a little sweeter, if that's more to your taste - just pop a few more blackberries into the mix!

Pink Senorita

The Señorita will have you hooked, this incredible cocktail is a simple twist to the classic margarita with just a little touch of added cranberry juice. The flavours will make you want to break out - you'll be dancing the salsa before you know it. Salud!

The Fancy Fig

Figs are the perfect festive garnish or ingredient for a delicious cocktail! Add frozen figs to champagne for a simple, festive touch or whip up a fig sangria for friends. Pretty as a picture, Cheers!

The Blood Orange Elderflower

We can't get enough of the taste heaven of the blood orange. Every year when they make their appearance, we load up on this delicious fruit. This cocktail is summer-wedding perfection and should be splashed all over your pre-drinks ceremony.

Caramel Apple Martini

A caramel apple martini is the ultimate rehearsal dinner treat! With its warm cinnamon flavour it's sure to help comfort you and rid all those pre-wedding jitters.

Mai Tai

Why not indulge in the exotic..straight from the Polynesian islands, the classic Mai Tai, a rich and fruity rum cocktail will definitely warm you up with that Christmas time glow. Always a crowd pleaser, this cocktail will enhance everyones celebratory spirit!

Bourbon Spiced Pear

Saddle up with a brilliant aromatic bourbon cocktail that is the perfect balance between sweet and savoury. This is a classy little drink to sip on this summer.