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SA Weddings chats to 'Bride Of The Year 2015'

The SA Weddings team recently visited Johannesburg to catch up with our beautiful Bride Of The Year 2015 winner, Tshifhiwa, just before she jets off to put her incredible prize to good use.

In case you missed it, Mr and Mrs Madau will be flying off to Mauritius for an all-expenses paid holiday sponsored by World Leisure Holidays and Long Beach Golf & Spa Resort, Mauritius. The couple also received R20, 000 in cash as well as a hamper of prizes sponsored by Kerastase and Mario’s Company for Hair, duvet set by Makoti, Clip in Hair hamper and voucher, Inglot voucher, Ina Paarman Barrel Hamper, Little Black Bag goodie box, Havilah Designer Jewelry, flowers from Sorrento and Mervyn Gers Ceramics.

SA Weddings editor, Josie, chats to her about the first few months of marriage, post winning the crown and also about the excitement of their imminent, and first-ever, overseas holiday as a couple:


Take us back to six months ago, how would you sum up the experience?

T: “Out of this world! It took about a week for it to sink in properly. I just remember my grandmother praying the whole way through the gala event. We’ve never been outside of SA before, so this is really a dream come true for us. I’ve also been studying my degree and I finish my exams, have my 30th birthday and have my honeymoon all in one month...its heaven! (laughs)

Any advice for brides entering BOTY 2016 and the competition for this first time?

T: “For me, it was almost more fun than my wedding day as I got to relive the moments, put on my dress again and be fully in-the-moment. The finalists all really bond together as you enjoy the weekend of pampering before the event, so it’s a real getaway weekend experience. I’m still in contact with some of the girls and the vibe backstage was so uplifting and non-competitive. I would highly recommend, that if you’re a new bride, you enter. You’re guaranteed to feel like a princess for a weekend. If you’ve already entered and are relying on those votes from friends and family - I suggest using a lot of visuals on Facebook and social media to get people excited for the day and keep them voting for you. I was constantly conversing on social platforms before the competition to get my votes up.”

Tell us about your prize: The adventure to the date set and what’s ready to be packed in your suitcase?

T: ‘Well we’ve been married for 10 months and I’ve been a ‘weekend bride’ for up to now because we’ve been living in two different cities due to work and studying, so we are more excited than ever to be together on holiday. When we’re back from Mauritius we are also moving in together, so there is so much excitement around properly starting our lives together. We haven’t traveled out of SA and we’re both big lovers of the beach so the date is set for early December and I’ve got two new bikinis packed and waiting. I’m a big activity girl and the hotel looks incredible so I told my husband, there’ll be no sleeping on this holiday! (laughs)

We’ll catch up with the beautiful Tshifhiwa after her travels and share the story then too, but for now - if you haven’t already, get entering! The Bride Of the Year 2016 crown is up for grabs!

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