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Reasons To Love Lunchtime Weddings

Your wedding day should be a reflection of your personalities. If you're the couple who loves a good party - an evening wedding is the perfect excuse to let your hair down and bust out new dance moves with your stunning partner by your side.

If you're more relaxed and enjoy Sunday afternoon strolls along the beach and family lunches, we would definitely recommend a chilled lunchtime wedding with your nearest and dearest. We simply love the idea of having an early lunch wedding followed by lots of cuddles in your home as a newly married couple. The best part? You won't be utterly drained from the day's activities!

So, here are our reasons for falling in love with lunchtime weddings...


Fun foods

You can let your imagination run absolutely wild when it comes to food for a lunchtime wedding! Keep your focus on fun and your guests are guaranteed to have a good time.

We quite love the idea of moving the wedding ceremony a little earlier so that you and your guests can enjoy a beautiful brunch with pancakes, waffle stations and lots of colour and smiles! If a waffle cake's not your thing, stick to lunch and have fun with your canapés - did anyone say burgers and beer or tacos and tequila?!

Less rush

Lunchtime weddings are generally more relaxed and nothing beats a relaxed bride! After all the festivities, you will be able to go out and enjoy the rest of your day as a newly married couple or you can simply unwind at home and reflect on the most perfect day of your life.

By having a lunchtime reception, you can jet off to your honeymoon on the same day. No waiting around required – you could be on an island sipping cocktails by the next day!

Budget friendly

Daytime weddings are generally more budget friendly - especially the extra savings on bar costs (and all those extra fairy lights)! Most venues also charge a lower fee on catering and venue hire should you decide to have a daytime affair.

We could possibly keep going with reasons, but at the end of the day lunch weddings are a great deal of fun!

Perfect photos

If you're getting married outdoors in a beautiful setting, we have one word for you - LIGHT! The early afternoon light is unbeatable and you'll have stunning views of sweeping mountains and trees as a backdrop - it would be an absolute shame to waste that.

Flexible dress code

Afternoon weddings are more casual, which means the dress code is more flexible. There's no need for sweeping bridal gowns and perfectly tailored suits - a pair of chinos and beautiful shirt make for a perfect match. With that said, we're not saying you need to forgo the tailored suit if that's truly what you want.

Instead of sky-high stilettos and aching feet, pretty flats are our go to for more casual weddings. Perfectly paired with a beautiful tea-length dress, you'll definitely be bride goals!

So, are afternoon weddings better than evening weddings? We're not necessarily saying that one is better than the other - they each have their pros and cons, but we feel that lunchtime weddings are the unsung heroes of the world.

Whatever you decide, choose something that suits you as a couple and pairs perfectly with your dream wedding vision.