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Q&A: The Bean Writer

The Bean writer machine utilises a system similar to 3D technology in order to create images on the foam of your coffee. We sat down with the folk at The Bean Writer to find out more about this incredible invention!

We loved it so much that we just had to wow our guests at Bride of the Year 2017 with images of our finalists on the top of their coffees.


What is The Bean Writer?

Beanwriter is a latte art printer that is wi-fi enabled and prints images on top of a variety of foam-topped drinks. We designed the device with the goal in mind of creating a new platform for advertising and marketing specifically for weddings; events and restaurants.

We also love coffee and thus at the same time we decided to create the ultimate finishing touch to our favourite drink. We decided on the name as we envisioned the perfect marriage between the two main parts of our business: coffee and printing and so Beanwriter was chosen.

How did this brand come into development?

The principal technology, research and development process for our device has been in development since 2015. The Beanwriter combines printing technology and 3D printer automation to create beautiful images onto the foam with edible ink.

The printer is manufactured and developed in Durban. We also developed the ink in-house and we made sure that the ink will have no effect on the quality or flavour of the beverage being enjoyed.

Where is the public most likely to bump into you and the brand?

Beanwriter will be an exciting addition to any wedding or event. Please keep an eye on our Instagram account to see at which events we will be at or at which restaurants you can find us.

Alternatively, our website will have the relevant contact details for a representative in your area that will be able to assist with rental/sales options. Your wedding guests will be amazed by this new concept and our team will partner with you to wow your guests with custom content/images, right on the foam of their drinks. Images sent by guests are sent to an android device linked to the Beanwriter and through the Beanwriter app you can print any image in seconds.

Can you use any type of coffee with your product?

Beanwriter images can be printed onto lattes or cappuccinos as the image is printed onto the foam of your favourite drink and so any type of coffee beans can be used. Perfect, smooth foam, as created with most commercial coffee machines, will be sufficient to produce a clear image.

Do you think the brand could be one of the biggest wedding trends for the upcoming season? Why?

Imagine your guests collecting their cup of coffee to find anything from the moment you exchanged vows to your first dance or even a selfie printed on the surface. The possibilities are endless and why not let Beanwriter add the perfect finishing touch or wow factor to the best day of your life and make it extraordinary.

Can you personalise the brand to each and every client?

We can print any image onto foam in seconds and clients can also send selfies or their own images to the device and make their cup their own creation.

Any brands or logos can be printed and you will have the chance to see and approve each image before they print the design.

What do you love most about the product?

The favourite aspect of our brand must be the look of awe on people’s faces once they see the first print. We look forward to sharing in many more events and special celebrations in which Beanwriter can add the special touch to your day.

We want to provide this new and revolutionary printer to the coffee industry so that it can change the way coffee is prepared and served and ultimately bring a new experience to the customer.

Follow us on Instagram to see more printed images or for more information regarding sales/rental options check out the Bean Writer's website.


The Bean Writer

The Bean Writer

The Bean writer machine utilises a system similar to 3D technology in order to create images on the foam of your coffee.