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Pineapple House Boutique Hotel Review | Eurinah & Peter

A modern-day haven in the heart of Sea Point, Pineapple House Boutique Hotel offers peace and tranquility in a luxuriously chic setup. Each of their 9 rooms boast eclectic designs merging the vibrancy of Cape Town with contemporary luxury. A stone's throw away from the popular Sea Point Promenade as well as local cafés, shops and local attractions, there's a room for every type of traveller including our 2021 edition of Bride of the Year's (BOTY) runner up and Mrs Personality, Eurinah and Peter. Read all about Eurinah and Peter's gifted stay at Pineapple House Boutique Hotel below:


1. How did you feel when you and your husband heard that you won an incredible stay at Pineapple House Boutique Hotel?

We were super excited because before the BOTY Top 12 Weekend Stay, we had never had the experience of a breakaway at a boutique hotel mainly because we never knew about this form of accommodation. In the past, we had always booked hotel stays, B&Bs, bush breaks, glamping etc.

2. What three words would you use to describe your stay at the amazing Pineapple House Boutique Hotel?

Romantic, Homey and Cosy.

3. Describe one of your days at Pineapple House Boutique Hotel from when you first woke up to when you went to bed? We would all love to know more about this amazing trip and experience you went on.

Every morning we would wake up, have a lovely morning cup of coffee in bed - brewed by my very own Barista (my hubby!) - followed by a warm shower. Thereafter, we would go downstairs to enjoy breakfast together, which was amazing! We were treated to a proper breakfast spread with a variety of choices. Everything was so scrumptious. We actually tried the entire menu during our stay. The staff also knew that I loved fruit, so they went the extra mile and packed a fruit tray for us to take to the room, which was a really kind gesture. We would then spend our afternoon with a walk on the beach or through the nearby streets, which had super awesome meal and drinks options. We spent the evenings going to the MOJO Market, which was so relaxing and the live music allowed us to forget about everything and just dance like nobody was watching. Back at our room, our balcony had a selection of card games for us to enjoy until late, which we did every night while listening to music and slowly sipping away on red wine. It was absolute bliss. I've never felt more relaxed.

4. What was your favourite part of your stay?

Our favourite part was our evenings spent out on the balcony where we would open the blinds and stargaze on the sleeper couch while sipping on a glass of red wine.

5. What was your husband’s favourite part of his stay at Pineapple House Boutique Hotel?

My husband really enjoyed sitting pool-side while sipping on his red wine or Gin (his favourites). Oh, and chatting to the guys about football hehe!

6. Not only is Pineapple House Boutique Hotel a feast for the eyes but we hear their service and dining is fabulous too! How did you find it?

We can definitely vouch for the above! The hotel staff was so incredibly helpful and they made us feel right at home. When we arrived, Tino and Primrose, were so welcoming and immediately got us settled in. In the evenings, we would spend time in the lounge and bar area just chatting and laughing away with Lawrence. During our breakfasts we would chat to Kisala and Travolta and get some ideas of things to do during our stay.

On the first night, we already enquired about extending our stay because we were so relaxed so much so that we forgot about our day-to-day lives, including work! From the minute we checked in, we could immediately just focus on the two of us and made every moment memorable because this was basically our "mini-moon" and first breakaway as newly weds as we couldn't go away on honeymoon due to COVID restrictions.

7. What activities did you get up to at Pineapple House Boutique Hotel? Dining, cocktails, activities, city sight-seeing etc.

We took evening walks, enjoyed lots of Asian cuisine, and sampled different cuisine options available at the MOJO Market. At the evening market, we also enjoyed cocktails and live music. During the day we took walks on the beach and enjoyed some pistachio ice cream.

8. How did you find your chic accommodation?

When we walked into our room, I became so emotional because I could not believe that the SAWCY girls (SA Weddings Team) went through so much effort to book the room that matched our wedding colour scheme which was mauve and gold. The décor in the room had this exact colour scheme, from the walls to the linen!

9. Would you recommend Pineapple House Boutique Hotel as a destination for your honeymoon? How many nights would be the perfect time at the hotel?

We would most certainly recommend Pineapple House Boutique Hotel for a honeymoon or "mini-moon" destination. It is really difficult to say but I think a week would be perfect because there is so much to do.

When you forget about the concept of time, that's when you know you've had a truly luxurious stay and is just testament to the standard of care and service at Pineapple House Boutique Hotel. Eclectic in style but rooted in personalised service, Pineapple House Boutique Hotel brought out all the stops for our runner up and Mrs Personality, Eurinah and her husband, Peter. Situated in the heart of Cape Town, Eurinah and Peter enjoyed a luxurious and relaxing stay, gifted by Pineapple House Boutique Hotel. From the friendly staff willing to go the extra mile and chic accommodation, to its prime location in walking distance of so many of Cape Town's well-loved attractions, Pineapple House Boutique Hotel is the perfect couple's getaway or "mini-moon" as Eurinah so aptly put. Thank you Pineapple House Boutique Hotel for rewarding such a delightful couple an experience for the books!


Pineapple House Boutique Hotel

Pineapple House Boutique Hotel

Using bold colours, interesting art and beautiful quality linens, we provide a luxurious stay in our urban sanctuary.