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Morganite Engagement Rings You Must Have

Move over diamonds, there is a new stone that makes even the most discerning buyer stop to take a look twice. This beautiful and semi-precious rare gemstone makes for a great alternative to diamonds for the all important engagement ring. If the blush pink colour doesn’t grab you, then the beautiful symbolism behind the ring will. This ethereal stone is considered a stone of divine love.

Mythology says the stone brings compassion, assurance, healing and promise!


What Is A Morganite?

You may see this stone quite often, but not know exactly where it comes from. The beautiful Morganite is a pink gemstone that is closely related to its cousins the Emerald and Aquamarine. Named after financier J.P. Morgan, this rare gemstone comes in a variety of colours. From pale pink, rose to a deep salmon hues which truly leave a lasting and romantic impression. The most popular shades are the lighter shades which illuminate beautifully when the light catches it. A popular alternative to diamonds, the morganite is a durable stone and when handled with tender love and care can last a lifetime of love.

Why A Morganite?

We say why not!? For the non traditional bride, the Morganite is a perfect alternative to the classic and timeless diamond. Not only does the stone sparkle beautifully, but it can be set in so many different ways and still keep its impact. We love the beautiful union between the Morganite and rose gold band.

Whether you pair it with other stones or encase it in a crown of diamonds, your finger bling is guaranteed to be a sure show stopper. Take a look at our favourite picks below!

Beaudell Jewellery

Beaudell Jewellery certainly knows how to make a Morganite the star of the show. Just take a look at a few of our favourites. We simply cannot get enough of the beautiful Pear & Emerald cuts with accenting diamonds. Whether you keep it classic with diamonds along the sides or a showstopper crown, Beaudell Jewellery certainly knows how to make this rare gemstone stand out for all of the right reasons. Taking pride in their meticulous craftsmanship and detailed designs, each piece is unique and authentic and is designed to last a lifetime.

Shiny Rock Polished

Shiny Rock Polished never ceases to amaze us with their amazing creations. Chic and so trendy, their Morganite engagement rings truly steal the show. It is official, rose gold and Morganite are a match made in jewellery heaven. The soft rosy hues in the band compliment this perfect pink stone - whether you opt for a single stone or accent with diamonds you simply cannot go wrong. Don’t you just love how the light catches the stone and adds the ultimate wow factor!

There you have it ladies - pretty in pink has never been trendier! With so many different styles and setting options available, the sky really is the limit. Visit Beaudell Jewellery HERE and Shiny Rock Polished HERE to start creating your beautiful Morganite engagement ring! Get used to a few extra stares during the day!


Beaudell Jewellery

Beaudell Jewellery

For us at Beaudell Jewellery, it’s all about your journey and it is a tremendous blessing that we can be part of your story.

Shiny Rock Polished

Shiny Rock Polished

Shiny Rock Polished has been designing beautiful bespoke jewellery for our discerning clientele for over 20 years.

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