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Looks We Love: Volatile Living

This is definitely a look we love and could imagine for a lovely Autumn/Winter wedding!


As Kate Spade once said: "She has a way with words, red lipstick and making an entrance." And we believe every bride wishes to have the perfect words to say to her husband on their special day, with red lips that will give her the perfect pout and all this will give her the jaw-dropping walk down the aisle she craves.

Red might symbolise "STOP!" to most people - maybe you recognise the colour as fire truck red and you can never imagine having a "fire-truck" wedding, but we're all different and that's what make us all brilliant.

So we're taking the chance to show you all the reasons why red can be the perfect colour for you big day!

So here goes!

1. It sets a warm, buzzing ambience
2. It's the most passionate colour.
3. And it's the colour of WINE!

Do we need to supply you with anymore reasons?!

Of course, we do!

Wearing a red wedding dress may be taking it a bit too far, but how about dressing your leading ladies in a fetching shade of red? With an off-the-shoulder sleeve, they could give the groomsmen a run for their money!

That's not all the reasons why we love red, we could definitely go on for days...

But why don't we pop the bubbles and have a healthy slice of cake!

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