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Looks We Love: Sugar & Vice

Sugar and Vice is a proud Bride of the Year 2016 Sponsor! A word from the founder, Natalie:

" Sugar, spice and all things nice they say. But I am Natalie Vice (or I was before I got married), so of course it would be Sugar & Vice… with the spiciness coming through in my edgy designs!
Sugar & Vice is the realisation of a dream, the culmination of a personal journey of enlightenment, long nights, early morning, some failings, plenty of life lessons, lots of fun, and something I would do over again in a heartbeat.

Born and raised in Cape Town, I worked in various industries gaining valuable experience in interior decorating, graphic design, marketing and business management, while I figured out what it was that I really wanted to do with my life.

It was in 2014, on the 200km Camino de Santiago hike around the French and Spanish countryside, a journey that deemed the ultimate retreat for spiritual growth, that I came to the deeply personal understanding that I wanted to build my own business and share my creativity with others."


The top 5 must-haves for your 2017 wedding gift registry:

We couldn't be more excited to partner with this local booming brand for some of our 'Bride Of the Year 2016' prizes and have asked the founder and owner, Natalie, to share some of her favourite finds to add to your wedding registry list.

1. Couple mugs

Coffee in bed for the Mr and Mrs is one of the small joys of newly married life, and matching mugs make marriage even more magical! Either the “Mr + Mrs” mugs or “goeie more my man + goeie more my vrou” mugs- make every cuppa together taste sweeter.

2. Butter dish

Relationships are all about having your cake and eating it too, or having your bread buttered on both sides, as they like to say in Afrikaans. That’s certainly the case with these butter dishes- not only are they super pretty, they also fit a 500g block of butter. Of course they can also be used for other things, be it stationery bits and bobs on your desk or for storing hubby’s phone and keys (rather than being sprawled out on the counter!).

3. Rectangular platter

You simply cannot go wrong with a rectangular platter. And with the quirky designs, the plater becomes more than a functional object, it’s a statement piece too! No doubt you’ll be entertaining your friends and family a lot in your new role as married couple and what better way to show off your culinary creations, inspired by your new state of wedded bliss, than on a stunning piece of crockery?

4. Limited-edition art prints.

Art is what makes a house a home. These limited-edition art prints are a fun, stylish and cost-effective way to jazz up your walls. Make it a fun DIY project as a couple and buy new frames for the prints while deciding where you will make a gallery feature wall in your home together.

5. Quirky quote mugs

Have your morning motivation with your first cuppa. From “Oh darling, let’s be adventurers” to “Go make a fairytale and go live in it”, and “I love the smell of possibility in the morning”, with almost 20 options to choose from- let your morning mood lead the way!

Illustrate– Collaborate – Curate

"At Sugar & Vice, our mission is to illustrate and design our own products, collaborate with other creatives to bring you gift solutions and curate other artisan’s unique products. Our product offering includes homeware, tableware, lifestyle goods and jewellery. All our products are ethically handmade and sourced."

Sugar & Vice Offers:

From the fearless sophisticated interior designer to the conventional scrupulous homemaker and the closet experimenter- Sugar & Vice have an expansive product range that has something for everyone!

S&V products are intended for those who appreciate the finer things in life and want something different and special. Whether you're looking for everyday household items, entirely redecorating and redefining your living space or searching for a gift for friends, family, or just to simply spoil yourself – they have something to suit every taste, every pocket- every time.