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Looks We Love - 'Petal & Post'

What's better than receiving flowers you may ask? What about getting them delivered right to your door every single week?! We give you, one of our new favourite local finds-

It's beautifully simple: a different posy is available every Wednesday and Friday for a flat rate of R200 (double the size for R400), which includes delivery in Cape Town and the suburbs – alternatively you can pre-order and/or subscribe to a weekly posy surprise!


How It All Started

Kim, founder and owner, tells us her story: "I was living in Australia and working on my career as an Urban Planner. I wanted to deliver a ‘spur of the moment’ bunch of flowers to a friend who had had bit of a bad day. I was looking for a florist who wasn’t too expensive, and I stumbled upon a “posy delivery” company that I grew to love. The company delivered small beautiful bunches (which they call “posies”) to hundreds of girls all over the city. The bunches were more “wild” in look than the usual florists bouquet. They were simply wrapped in brown craft paper and included a lot of greens and indigenous flowers, and they were affordable.

Soon I was checking the site from my computer at my office job every day to see what “Today’s Posy” was (even when I wasn’t planning to order), I just loved the surprise of seeing what they had created each day.

Within a few months a seed had been planted. I felt that there was space for a similar service in South Africa that delivers slightly smaller, reasonably-priced posies that are not ‘overworked’, but rather have a clean and natural ‘straight-from-the-field’ feel — and so Petal&Post came to life.'"

Future plans for Petal & Post

We love that you can order the bunch before 12pm (or before the posies sell out) and have it delivered right to your door! If you love Kim's style as much as we do, you can also pre-order a posy, or subscribe to receive weekly blooms that are sent to your home or office. We say- brighten up your own day and don't wait for your date to do it!

This brand is going places, so keep your eye out for the beautiful daily updates for some serious floral inspiration on Instagram and who knows- Durban and Johannesburg, they may even be brightening your day that side of SA soon too!

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