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Looks We Love: Luna Intimates

"The moon was so beautiful that the ocean held up a mirrior." - Ani Difranco


Luna Intimates is based in Cape Town, South Africa and was founded by Mianca Teifel.

Mianca wanted to created something beautiful using her hand that could ultimately make women around the world comfortable and beautiful in their own skin!

Mianca has always loved the moon and this is how the business received its name! Luna is derived from a Roman myth, it's the embodiments of the moon and as the moon is presented as a goddess who is the female complement of the sun.

The best part of the moon is that she is often called the queen of the stars - isn't that so lovely?

Luna Intimates prides itself on their creativity, dedication, attention to detail and their love for all things beautiful.

The team at Luna Intimates want every woman to feel confident and beautiful every single day of their lives.

If you've loved the look of Luna Intimate's collection as much as we have, take a look at their contact details below!