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Looks We Love: Happy Bridesmaids!

"She's always there when I need her: she's my best friend; she's just my everything." - Ashley Olsen


When it comes to picking your bridesmaids, there's no doubt in our minds that your girls had to act surprised and pretend they had no idea you were going to pop the question! Wonder why? Because they know you like the back of their hand and they've been dreaming about being a part of your special day!

We've gone and researched everything to do with bridesmaids and we've found our favourite way to propose to your girls. A beautiful card with a box filled with all their favourite things!

My lovely friend, please fasten my necklace and bustle my dress.
Please pass me my champagne if I seem a bit stressed.

Please watch for the groomsmen who get out of line.
And don't forget to sneak me some wine.
Please kick off your heels and work the dance floor.

If you spot any crashers, show them the door.
Please tackle the groom if he panics and flees.
But most importantly, please will you stand up there with me?

Ultimately, you've been celebrating your engagement with all your best buddies and it's important that you keep them happy. Treat them with love and don't get carried away in your wedding bubble too much. Let them help you plan and make decisions, you'll cherish the day even more when you know you've made your bridesmaids happy!


Vows Wedding Adornments

Vows Wedding Adornments

Vows® is a bridal & bridesmaid accessory line for the feminine and the unique.