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Looks We Love: DIY Hair Ideas For Brides

If you have a wedding to look forward to on the horizon, we have you sorted for the latest finds in DIY hair ideas for brides-to-be and the good news is that they're easy enough to follow, so even us newbies can master the trends.


The Waterfall Braid

This cascading effect is everywhere, it's a look that equals beauty on straight or curly locks. It does take some decent amounts of practice time, so we suggest to do a trial run a bit in advance to get into the swing of things.

Get the Look:
1. Begin with a French braid over your right ear.
2. Start the waterfall portion by pulling the left strand into the middle.
3. Then, take hair from the top and pull it into the middle as well.
4. Next, take the strand on the right and drop it down.
5. Pick up a section of hair that is directly behind the strand you dropped.
6. Place this section into the middle part of the braid and continuing this method, working towards the left side of the head.
7. Once you reach the left side, drop the strand of hair on the right as usual.
8. Then, wrap the left strand over the middle piece.
9. Place a bobby pin over the strand and secure it in place.
10. Use the other hair to hide the bobby pin.

But if it is proving too tough, leave it for the pro's at Marie Malherbe Hair and Makeup or at least opt for a master class with them and learn how to get the look!

Retro Bouffant

For a loose and romantic Adele styled updo- just simply roll, tease and twist!

Get the Look:
1. Begin by clipping the top half of your hair.
2. Once the top half is clipped up, put the bottom half in a low ponytail at the nape of your neck.
3. Create a small hole at the base of your ponytail and push the ponytail down through it, creating an inside-out ponytail.
4. Back-comb the ponytail, creating some extra volume.
5. Once the ponytail has been teased out, use your fingers to roll the ends of the hair upwards, creating a chignon.
6. Secure the chignon with bobby pins.
7. Let down the top half of your hair and create a deep side part.
8. Back-comb the top half of your hair for added volume.
9. Pull all of the hair from the top half loosely back and twist it one time, pushing it upwards and towards your scalp to create more volume. Secure it with bobby pins so it rests right on top of the chignon.
10. Continue to loosely twist the hair through to the ends, wrapping the ends around the side of the chignon and securing them with bobby pins underneath.
11. Gently loosen some small hairs around your face to soften the front.

Low Braided Headband Bun

A whimsical boho look is something we are currently loving. This braided headband is perfect for keeping every strand in place, even during the Cape's South Easter winds. This braid can be also be a little tricky but can suit almost any hair style. If you are doubting your styling ability, leave it t the pros and contact Made Up - The makeup and hair co!

Get the Look:
1. Separate a small section from the front of the hairline and then begin a small Dutch braid right behind it.
2. When the braid reaches the top of the ear, continue down in a regular braid and wrap a clear elastic band over the end.
3. Pull all the hair into a low ponytail at the nape of the neck.
4. Take small sections of the ponytail and wrap the pieces back into the band to create a chic bun.
5. Finish by tucking the front strands that were left out over the braid and pin them in place. Smooth down any flyaways with a light misting of hairspray.

Twisted Fishtail

Add extra oomph to a curled hairstyle with this beautiful roped fishtail effect.

Get the Look:
1. Wash hair with and condition and then rinse with cool water.
2. Generously towel-dried the hair, from roots to ends. Then blow dry and curl/wave your hair.
3. Take two sections above each ear and twist them backward.
4. Secure the twisted sections with a clear elastic.
5. Make a fishtail braid with the ends of those sections.
6. Cut the elastic and voila!

Faux Bob

Craving a fun new change but you're not committed to a chop quite yet? Check out this adorable faux bob style — no scissors required.

Get the Look:
1. Start by dividing the hair at the ears into two sections: top and bottom. Clip the top portion out of the way and leave the bottom half down.
2. Grab your favorite curling wand or iron and carefully curl 1-inch sections away from the face.
3. Let the top portion down and divide that section into two halves; securing the top with the clip again. Repeat step two, curling the hair away from the face.
4. Let down the top portion and repeat step 2 once more.
5. When all your hair is nicely curled, separate the hair again into two sections, top and bottom, clipping the top portion out of the way.
6. Gently twist the bottom hair that was left out into a small bun at the nape of the neck. Secure the bun with pins. This will be used to secure the top portion of the hair into the bob.
7. Now remove the clip from the top half and separate it into two halves, left and right.
8. Beginning on the right side, slowly twist the hair towards the back of the head and wrap it over the top and back around the bun in the back, then pin it into place.
9. Now, repeat step 8 with the left side.
10. The hair should feel pretty snug, so gently loosen it by pulling the hair at the top of the head. Be careful not to pull too much so it doesn’t come loose from the pins.
11. If any pieces do become too loose, simply twist them back under again and pin them at the nape of the neck. (The front pieces are usually the shortest, so leave a few of those out for a more casual look.)
12. Slide an embellished clip into the heavy side of the part.
13. Finish with a few spritzes of hairspray, and you are ready to go!


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MADEUP - The Makeup & Hair Co.

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