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Looks We Love: Dark Weddings

There is something so visually strong and intriguing about dark palette weddings. The sky is the limit of opportunity when it comes to developing concepts around this look and we personally feel that turning tradition upside down can be refreshing and set the tone for a fun and individual wedding feel.


Not only does this theme 'break the mould' but it can also add a deeper layer of strength; a stronger bond between the two of you.

As stressful planning a 'traditional' wedding can be, creating a unique darker wedding can be exponentially harder and for the couples who are up for the challenge, we'd love to share some of our dark wedding inspiration with you...

Table Inspiration

We love the ambiance that surrounds this bridal table, it oozes romance. It's amazing how much dimmers' on the venue's lights can make all the difference.

Table Setting Inspiration

It's hard to generate new ideas for setting your wedding tables- you have to consider your menu, the amount of guests being seated, your table decor, your florals and thats just the beginning. We love this layout as the florals (love the simple geometric shapes!) and stationery just steal the show. By focussing on your florals and stationery, it allows for some space around your guests plate and chair, which means they'll feel comfortable without having to sit on top of each other!

Stationery Inspiration

Making use of darker colours will benefit you in terms of wedding stationery. It's bold, strong and easy to read. Pairing a lovely black menu with a hint of greenery or a highlight of gold can be the 'wow' factor you never thought you'd be missing.

Dessert Inspiration

Take a step back from the 3-tiered wedding cake and be open to dessert ideas as shown below. It's a mini cake in its own right, and it's got us intrigued. We would also love to dig into that black forest pudding on the left, how about you?

Dress Inspiration

We all know that a lady in a black dress is a force to be reckoned with. Nothing that is beautiful asks for attention; and a black wedding dress is a super elegant alternative for the not-so-traditional bride.

Bouquet Inspiration

Be bold with your bridal bouquet! We suggest bringing in some darker shades and working with flowers that aren't typically used in weddings. We say, embrace the new, because without black, no colour has the same depth.

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