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Looks We Love: Confetti!

"If there is confetti on the floor, you've had an amazing wedding day!" - SA Weddings Team


The Priest has finally said those 5 little words you've been waiting for; "You may kiss the bride" and your hubby sweeps you off your feet once again. This is our second favourite moment of a wedding ceremony.

Our favourite being the moment the couple exits the ceremony and the confetti is thrown; the joy emitted in this simpe act is tremendous! All the nearest and dearest's are so happy and you can see it on their faces. Seeing that feeling makes you fall in love with love over again.

Just look at the couple and guests faces - it's so amazing to see the life and love in everyone! Call up your florist now and ask them to add confetti, an assortment of rose petals, to your floral quote, they'll be so thrilled and they might just give you a bit of a discount!

Whether you're throwing the traditional rice, the modern rose petals, paper flowers or even glitter bombs, the confetti ceremony will always be a major highlight of your special day!

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