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Looks We Love - Cindy Bam Couture

Life is short, buy the dress!


Playing dress up in your mum's wardrobe, trying on her super tall shoes that your five year old can't fit into is a memory every girl has close to her heart. And the same goes for the girl who tries her dream wedding dress on - that feeling of pure joy and happiness is never truly forgotten.

Cindy Bam, a fantastic dress designer, has created many dream dresses and brought many smiles and happy tears to the girls who seek out her designs. And that is why Cindy Bam is a look we love!

For The Love of Red

The SA Weddings team is going mad for all things different, so if you're a bride who took a step onto the wild side and wore a gorgeous red wedding dress let us know now! We'd love to feature you on our social media platforms.

When we stumbled upon this beauty on Cindy's Facebook page, we were STUNNED! Her work is flawless and if your daring, a red dress is definitely for you.

For The Love of Green

Now, we all know that SA Weddings loves green but we've never imagined a green veil. It's completely unique and it's left us floored! It's such a bold feature for your wedding and we love it. So ladies, I hope to see many of you being bold and trying out coloured veils because it totally works.

Green Images

For The Love of White

Even though we love unexpected looks with pops of colour, we'll always love a white wedding dress. It's traditional and it's what most of us dreamed of as little girls making our best friends play the groom while we act out the part of the blushing bride (we're definitely guilty for that one!).

Cindy has worked so much magic into her dresses that we could never complain about white dress, ever! The beading just leaves us speechless.

Sending All Our Love to the Amazing Cindy Bam!

Cindy, we love you. You have created magical pieces for many years and never fail at bringing in new trends that leave everyone flabbergasted. So thank you so much for creating so many looks we love!


Cindy Bam

Cindy Bam

Cindy Bam creates luxury gowns that evoke drama and glamour of past eras whilst still maintaining a modern edge.