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Looks We Love - Blue is the New Black

Looks We Love is back for another rendition of our favourite colours!

Today, I'd love to take you on journey of discovery to see the wonders of how a blue wedding is the next best thing!

So take a dive into the deep with us and prepare to love this look as much as we do!


The colour blue is calm, cool and collecting. It also gives off a feeling of trust, honesty and above all loyalty. Isn't this every girls dream - to have a marriage built on trust and loyalty? (We think so!)

Therefore we believe that bringing a little (or a lot!) of this magnificent colour into your wedding day is simply perfect.

Think of all the decor possibilities! Beautifully crafted ceramic dinner plates (Mervyn Gers, yes please!) with a simple blue rim, deep satin napkins (you'll get these babies at The Table Cloth & Hiring Company) and quite possibly blue tinted glassware that you'll find at Urban Tonic.

But don't go crazy and drown your wedding in the depths of blue...

If you're the bride-to-be that is dead set on having a white wedding - because yes, all white weddings are stunning - think about bringing in certain elements of blue.

Maybe an array of blue macaroons with a delicious vanilla cream, a wedding cake with a blue marble effect. Both of these are lovely and could make great conversation between your guests.

Oh, please please tell us you haven't purchased your wedding shoes yet?! Wouldn't it be spectacular if a pretty pair of blue peep toe heels were hiding beneath your wedding dress? Something Blue can be checked right off the list!

If wearing blue shoes may seem to bold for you - make your groom wear a blue blazer or suit. He'd definitely look dashing.

But if these ideas are still too out-of-the-blue, why not have a chat with your barmen and have them create a delicious blueberry cocktail for your arrival drink. YUMM!

Now you've read all of our reasons to love blue and we hope that we've given you inspiration to take with you to your next "wedding talk" session!




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The Tablecloth Hiring Company

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