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Looks We Love: A Little Wedding Ink

"Tattoos have a power and magic all their own. They decorate the body but they also enhance the soul." - Michelle Delio


There's many exciting trends to add to your wedding day but we wanted to share a totally alternative bridal look with you. Tattoos are all the rage with many young brides and here's some of the best styles we've seen!

Getting a tattoo has never set a trend for this long, EVER but the same questions always remain "what will it look like when your old?" and the tell tail "but what will it look like on your wedding day?"

Well this is what the SA Weddings team thinks!

Whether your a "Rock & Roll" chick, having a non-traditional wedding or perhaps you have a love for a little bit of ink, being alternative is never something to worry about. You're a BRIDE, you'll look stunning in a white dress!

We love originality and we hoping that you do as well? Because if so, having a few tattoos isn't going to be the only eccentric part of your wedding.

Enough with the permanent tattoos now!

We want to show our love to the beautiful henna design too. It's believed that henna brings joy, luck and blessings to a couple and their marriage (awwww!)

Therefore, you're unique and now is the time to embrace your beauty and wear your ink with pride.

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