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Look to the Stars!

"I know nothing with any certainty but the sight of the stars makes me dream." - Vincent van Gogh


We look up to the stars to dream, to wish and this is what all 2018 brides will be doing. 2018 is all about drawing inspiration quite literally from the stars and outer space. Many weddings will encompass a dreamy, whimsical look and it'll be magical.

Giving in to the celestial theme, you can create so many different atmospheres to make your wedding the right fit for you. You can steal the sun, moon and all of the stars to incorporate into your special day or you could just be inspired by astrology with its beautiful cosmos, milky ways, patterns and colours.

You can bring celestial themes into your wedding cake, table decor, stationery, engagement rings, wedding bands, accessories and even your very own wedding dress. Who says that weddings have to be white, blush or green?! You choose what makes you dream big, ladies!

In the end, you will have so much to work with; being creative won't feel daunting at all!