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Lenka Skincare

"In a world that makes it hard for you to embrace who you truly are, the most subversive thing you can do is to make a deliberate decision to like yourself, without asking for permission to do so!"

Just reading this powerful statement makes us feel unapologetically awesome.


It is no secret that the girls at SA Weddings HQ live and love all things beauty, and when these products are naturally made, Beauty Without Cruelty™ endorsed and advocates focusing your time and energy on becoming your authentic self, it is safe to say that it is nothing short of a match made in heaven. Cue LenKa Skincare!

LenKa Skincare creates amazing products that nourishes your skin from the inside out, ensuring that you are left glowing and free from any nasties and impurities.

So you may be wondering who are the beauty and brains behind this powerhouse brand. LenKa Skincare is run by an amazing duo of girl bosses. Lenja and Karin (also known as LenKa) - a mother and daughter team that sought to create skincare products that yielded the results they promised. After trying and testing many products, Lenja and Karin brought LenKa Skincare to life.

Your skin is the body's largest organ and ensuring that it is properly taken care of is of paramount importance. LenKa skincare is a curated skincare range that strikes the perfect balance between three main points; affordability, ethics and overall well being.

LenKa skincare is inspired by their discerning clientele and only uses ingredients that are of the highest quality, 100% vegan (not tested on animals and/or derived from animals) and is gentle and nourishing to the skin.
Using only organic and natural ingredients, each product is uniquely made and promises amazing benefits that you can see and feel.

Retailing directly to their beautiful customs, LenKa skincare can be purchased through their easy to use online store HERE. LenKa's ranges comprise of skincare products that have carefully been formulated and crafted to work on all skin types and facial skincare routines. Whether you're the girl on the go or prefer lengthy pamper sessions, there is something for each and everyone of you. We don't know about you, but this sounds simply divine!

Product Ranges

LenKa skincare offers an amazing range of products to suit your every skincare need and desire.

Cleansing Range
Carefully formulated to work for all skin types and cleansing preferences. Shop the Cleansing Range HERE

The prepare range comprises of products that have been carefully formulated to gently polish and resurface your skin. Shop the Prepare Range HERE

The hydrate range comprises products that have been formulated to gently soothe and hydrate sensitive, acne/oily, and ageing skin types. Shop the Hydrate Range HERE

Carefully formulated, the nourish range has been formulated to replenish and regularise your skin's natural oil production through the use of natural and nutrient-dense plant oils and butters. Shop the Nourish Range HERE

Self Care Kits
LenKa's self care kits are the perfect introduction to your new self-care ritual and comprise of products from their bespoke ranges for sensitive, acne/oily, and ageing skin types, all at a discounted price. Shop the Self Care Kits HERE

With so much to choose from, you'll have beautiful glowing skin in no time!

With all of these amazing products, we literally cannot wait to see you try and experience these amazing skincare products. Ladies and gentleman, dare to like yourself and explore the realms of truly loving and embracing who you are. Go on, we dare you!