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Leading Ladies - The Cheese Cake

Maria Lambie from 'The Cheese Cake' is a household name in the food industry that's provided many South African weddings with the best cheese cakes couples could dream of, we've asked Maria to share her great story behind the leading company below! We've got great news for our 'Bride Of The Year 2016' guests too, as Maria has created an amazing cheese cake table spoils for our event this year!


1. Tell us a little about your personal style and how it’s evolved with your business?

There’s always a rustic, vintage or French thread that runs through my creations, we like to make sure that every set up tells a story. People eat with their eyes, so creating an enticing, mouthwatering feast with all the cheeses and accompaniments is my aim. I think I’ve become bolder in my set ups and use of exotic cheeses, as I’ve grown in this industry. Over the years I’ve learnt more about the different flavours that work well together enabling me to provide my clients with a greater choice in cheese.

2. Having been in the catering industry for a few years , you must have see a lot of trend-shifts. Is there anything that you foresee being quite a big trend in this next season?

Taste matters! I believe that cheese wedding cakes will continue to grab the attention of couples that want to move away from the sweeter, to the more sensual, savoury tastes. I also think the use of fresh flowers, greenery, fruit and lace on cakes will remain popular. And off course the everlasting, multi-tiered wedding cake that was made fashionable by French King Charles II in 1660 is still sought after! The latest trend which is inspired by geology are cakes decorated in different colours of marble, precious metals or sugar crystals. In the end, it all comes down to the couple’s ideas and preferences. For some couples less is more!

3. Any tips for avoiding a massive wedding cheesecake faux pas and is there anything in the wedding industry that’s a big “no no” for you personally.

Hiring an experienced company to set up your cheese wedding cake is a sure way to prevent mishaps. A couple of things to avoid are drizzling jams over the entire cake, which can spoil the original flavour of the cheese. Do not cut the cheeses while they are stacked; its best to separate the layers of cheese onto various boards before allowing your guests to serve themselves. I believe that last minute changes to any details of their wedding is a big ‘no no’ as it leaves a lot of space for error with little planning.

4. Being a successful businesswoman and constantly on the go, how do you unwind and spend any free time you may have?

I love spending time with my family, my way of showing them love is by serving them which is what renews my soul!

5. Any advice for women wanting to go into this industry or even start their own business in a relate field?

Love, passion, determination and perseverance are a must, hands of experience is great too, offer your services for free and job shadow so that you get a feel of the industry , you will gain valuable knowledge, experience and some credibility which is much needed in the industry.

Before deciding on your wedding cake, check out all the different trends and ideas available to you online. What would suit your taste, theme and colour scheme? It is important to research and review reputable wedding cake suppliers. Set up appointments and tastings with them before deciding on a creative partner that will be a star to work with and deliver your dream wedding cake!


The Cheese Cake

The Cheese Cake

The Cheese Cake produces cheese 'cakes' made up of the finest speciality cheeses.

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