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Leading Ladies: Minette Arlow Jewellery

As part of our 'Leading Ladies' series we've chosen to feature the incredibly talented Minette Arlow. We also have some very exciting news for our Top 12 Bride Of The year finalists, as Minette is working on a little extra something special for our Top 3 crowned brides for this year!


1. Tell us a little about your personal style and how it's evolved with your business?

"My style constantly evolves and adapts with me as a jeweller. I draw inspiration from everyday life. Whether it’s a piece of music or a beautiful flower, it reflects in both my personal style and my style of design. My jewellery changes with me but the basic elements always stay constant – Simplistic, elegant and unique."

2. Having been in the jewellery industry for many years, you must have seen a lot of trend-shifts. Is there anything that you foresee being quite a big trend in this next season?

"Colourful gemstones and warm metals! I find that people are moving away from silver and white gold and more towards gold, copper and brass coloured metals. Milky sapphires, rubies, emeralds, and diamonds with flaws and inclusions and becoming popular. A stone with personality that reflects your personal style. This is a very exciting shift in trend and opens up a world of creativity."

3. Any tips for avoiding a massive bridal jewellery faux pas and is there anything in the wedding industry that’s a big ‘no no’ for you personally?

"It is very important to be completely happy with the jewellery for your wedding. Make sure your jeweller understands exactly what your expectations are and spend enough time researching styles and ideas before your consultation. This will make the process run smoothly for both you and your jeweller."

4. Being a successful businesswoman and constantly on-the-go, how do you unwind and spend any free time you may have?

"I practise yoga in my spare time. It's a great source of focus and energy. I love spending time with family and friends. The encouragement from my loved ones keeps me grounded and motivated."

5. Any advice for women wanting to go into this industry or even start their own business in a related field?

"Running your own business in the jewellery industry is tough. It takes a lot of extra hours, patience and hard work. Make yourself and your jewellery stand out. Treat your fellow jewellers and clients with the utmost respect and most of all, don’t give up."

6. Lastly, for the beautiful brides-to-be, any tips before you start looking for your bridal jewellery?

"Make sure you choose the right jeweller for you. Do your research, and have fun!"


Minette Arlow Jewellery

Minette Arlow Jewellery

Minette Arlow Jewellery specialises in unique hand crafted engagement rings and wedding jewellery